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  1. MarkHam207

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    It's mainly the feel on tarmac i missing. It's almost impossible to lock up tires for a corner, or there is less wheelspin coming out of hairpins. The cars handle top easy it seems on tarmac! Think the driving on tarmac feels still too arcady in my opinion compared to other sims like PC2 and ACC. The rest of this sim is awesome so far and is getting better and better!!!👌
  2. MarkHam207

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    https://youtu.be/NNlUb8t2xRY Want to share my visit to WRC Finland last week!!! Hopefully WRC 8 will be great and happy Finland is coming back in DR2.0😍🙏 Enjoy the beauty of Rally!!!
  3. MarkHam207

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Want to share my IRL visit last year at Estering with you guys. Big thumbs up Codies for creating this very close to real life vibe and settings! Steam id: DiRTMark
  4. MarkHam207

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    HELL YEAH!!! 1999 was my year i fell in love for the WRC, 206 and at that time CMR2.0. OMG, i'm really 40 years old now!!! But still loving it 👌
  5. MarkHam207

    Patch 1.5 next week

    Codemasters could learn a lot how to communicate with their customers/community from the devs of KUNOS from Assetto Corsa Competizione. This authentic sim released 3 weeks ago and they have almost 24/7 communication with us as racers, they put allready 2 hotfixes for the most important issues and they also make beta testing additional before rolling out as public. That's how it should go here with a niche sim like DR2.0 as well!!
  6. MarkHam207

    End of bug fixes

    So so true, every word you write down in your comment is the same as i thinking and feeling about this game since the release. And in less than 3 months time price drop of 50% is not a good sign at all.
  7. MarkHam207

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    So true!!! Loud and clear mentioned! Just a sticky mentioned in the post above for all the progress is made would be fantastic ! She/they responding nowhere to questions or requests from me as well. I send email, insta ,fb to them but never got an answer back. We are the customers for godsake.
  8. MarkHam207

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    What about the wet and icy tarmac in Spain and Monte Carlo. This feels very real to me and like the way you must countersteering and be gentle with the brake and trottle. What is your opinion on this?
  9. MarkHam207

    Leaderboards separated by divisions

    Agree, would be nice they implemented different tiers or player level cap or something to make it more enjoyable. Also separate players using assists on/off and using a wheel/controller
  10. MarkHam207

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Hi Crevette, we know eachother from #No Control Rally RX in PC2. But had the same issue but this works for me after the patch. Try it! Cheers
  11. MarkHam207

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Same issue overhere, glad i am not the only one but i'am very disssappointed that this update give us this major problems. My HE Handbrake is nessesary in a rally sim like this!!! CODIES FIX THIS ASAP!!!
  12. MarkHam207

    Season 1 content missing

    same here, on Steam. Everthing from deluxe Edition is installed day one but no Cars at all...***
  13. Helpfull bro, thnx Can't wait for that.
  14. MarkHam207

    Benefits and meaning of ingame credits/current?

    Ah thnx for your anwser. Now it makes sense to me and was worried because i only want drive and compete online against other drivers but with full potential upgraded cars!