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  1. Saftey car is realistic now but that's too much for league racing. Almost every DNF will trigger a SC and almost every league race has a DNF which means every league race will have a SC. It should be a question if there is going to be a SC. Not when and how many. Did 2 league races since the patch and already had more SC's in those 2 races than last season in 3 leagues combined. My fun is completely killed by these last 2 races and many others in my leagues feel the same. I know we can put it off but I want atleast a chance of a SC but not a guaranteed one as it is now. Pls fix this or put an option in to set its sensitivity. It's going to kill league racing this way.
  2. F1XL Roland

    How to register for the Esports event?

    Anyone? Still cant play the esports event
  3. F1XL Roland

    Has any one noticed a1 never use there ers

    Didn't read everything because I couldn't understand it all. But something about AI (why you call it a1?) staying on medium ERS?
  4. F1XL Roland

    F1 2019 - What is a Featured Event ?

    Still 0.00% have unlocked this on Xbox so I assume it's something that gets added later on
  5. How do register for the Esports event? I pressed register in the game, filled in my Codemasters account and came onto my profile page where the only option were back and update. Updated my profile with right data but I still can't do the event ingame. Is there something else I need to do? If I press register on Esports website, it goes to my profile.
  6. Isn't that one just your XP thing in ranked? It's time consuming but not something a new racer can't achieve
  7. F1XL Roland

    F1XL Season 14 - Formula 1 Xbox Leagues

    Last week that sign ups are open!!!
  8. F1XL Roland

    F1 2020 Holland edition

    Dutch people don't like the Dutch language in their games. It sounds so childish so it's a waste of time.
  9. F1XL Roland

    AI pit release has been a joke

    Put pit release off
  10. F1XL Roland

    Please CM add tyre braking marks

    So you don't want the racing line because it breaks immersion but you do want tyre marks which aren't realistic at all. 🤔 There are only 2 options for you: 1: use the racing line 2: learn braking points
  11. F1XL Roland

    F1XL Season 14 - Formula 1 Xbox Leagues

  12. F1XL Roland

    Codemasters is just taking the Mickey now!

    Leagues is just online championship 2.0. Can't see any reason for a serious league to use it, even when it didn't had AI and did have a constructors championship. No serious league is going to be full dependant from a game
  13. With all the things you say and with the fact you can't change weather or do anything on restarts when the lobby is buggy, this league system is merely for groups of friends to drive a championship together. I see it as the successor of online championship. Not as something any serious league should use. We as F1XL just stick to unranked lobbies and a website with standings and applications and all the other stuff. That you way we have everything in control in stead of letting the game screwing everything up.
  14. F1XL Roland

    enhanced understeer on or off?

    I rather be a noob than someone like you who thinks he's a better person cause he uses different settings on a freaking videogame.