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  1. Fact is that its still alot quicker plus a fact that the extra rotation trick is still in this game. Only effect it has is ruining career mode where it's roasts your gearbox. I only suffer from it in career and I'm not the only one. Seem to me that this was just implanted very poorly.
  2. Care to explain why you disagree?@marioho
  3. Think you just identified the problem. I tried to shift down slower and this doesn't cause any excessive wear. Problem is that I'm also alot slower that way and not really feel I'm racing but just cruising around. Think the fix for you guys is to go back to the gearbox settings of F1 2019. Everyone slams down the gearbox as that's the quickest and that's what we've always done. So instead of expecting us to change our driving style we already have for 10 years, how about you just change your mechanics back.
  4. I think it has to do with down shifts going into slow corners. So especially tight corners where you go from 8th to 2nd. There is always the spot where I see the gearbox wear go up multiple percent. Flashbacks might be an influence as I always use atleast one every race. Only way now for me to get around it is going on automatic
  5. So..... is this ever going to be fixed? I needed 8 gearboxes in 22 Round My Team season. @BarryBL
  6. It wasn't in the last few patches and not in the patch notes for 1.06. Is this even going to be fixed?
  7. TeS Roland

    F1 Xbox Leagues - Season 16 [Xbox]

    Really enjoy being part of this league since F1 2017. Has some good clean racing and preset setups, which means it comes more down to the driver to make the difference. There's some good banteras well and a weekly show on Twitch where the races are reviewed
  8. TeS Roland

    F1 Xbox Leagues - Season 16 [Xbox]

  9. TeS Roland

    Assist Nerf!

    Solution 3: Stop whining about it. If you're good enough on no assists you will beat assists users. If you don't, then you're just not quick enough. Also, not everyone WANTS to go no assists. I for example have no interest in going no TC, no abs and no line. I race for fun and no assists are not fun for me. Believe me, I tried multiple times on multiple F1 games and it just kills the fun for me in playing this game.
  10. TeS Roland


    Have the same problem. Error 500:H Xbox One base
  11. Me and my friends in league racing used to play ranked alot on 2018. Not for the rank, we dont care but to have random tracks and vast settings without 1 person controlling it. I personally haven't seen people trading wins or anything. Bad drivers are in every online mode of every race game. Think it might be even worse in unranked. We switched to Forza Motorsport for doing hoppers now because we cant do it properly on F1 anymore as a group
  12. Saftey car is realistic now but that's too much for league racing. Almost every DNF will trigger a SC and almost every league race has a DNF which means every league race will have a SC. It should be a question if there is going to be a SC. Not when and how many. Did 2 league races since the patch and already had more SC's in those 2 races than last season in 3 leagues combined. My fun is completely killed by these last 2 races and many others in my leagues feel the same. I know we can put it off but I want atleast a chance of a SC but not a guaranteed one as it is now. Pls fix this or put an option in to set its sensitivity. It's going to kill league racing this way.
  13. TeS Roland

    F1 2020 Holland edition

    Dutch people don't like the Dutch language in their games. It sounds so childish so it's a waste of time.
  14. TeS Roland

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    I want this...