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  1. Gerbie

    Why this Subaru

    ^^^^^^^ Now thats a subie to drool over... 🤤 Imo the best looking Impreza.
  2. Gerbie

    Why this Subaru

    The older era cars are cooler in my opinion, but i welcome this adition anyway. And considering the shapes of allot of other cars nowdays..., it's still handsome.
  3. Gerbie

    Wheelspin Gearing in Auto?

    Tried Manual on driving games before with my xbox gamepad and it just annoys me, just a reason for me to use Automatic instead. But yeah this is a issue that should be solved in my opinion, having to play Monte this way just takes the fun out of it rather quick to the point of just skipping Monte entirely.
  4. While im not a fan of how they made the carreer (same with DR1), since it surely isnt accessible to everyone to complete, it doesnt realy bother me much aslong as it is not required to play it to unlock content. (wich i think it does not?) Other than that im enjoying the game for the little time ive got now and than, and cant wait for the rest of the content to arrive, and i hope they've got more in store after those 2 seasons.
  5. Gerbie

    I can't be the only one

    I'm with you on this one honestly, i did expect something else rather than rebadged content with some new shine over it, even though any extra content is always welcome. I think CM miss stapped on this one and it should've been new content for the Deluxe edition/season pass, and this rabadged content to be paid for a dime or 2 next to the Deluxe edition/season pass.
  6. Gerbie

    Small thing, but still annoys me

    Yeah i wonder why they changed it to this. I liked the addition in D4, and it worked fine as it was i think. 😅 Edit: see there's an option for it in game.
  7. It is all about $$$ and nothing else. Codies is far from the worst bunch of Devs out there making games and releasing them tho, there are way worse. Now i dont have issues on my end, and enjoy this game unlike i did with D4 but not as much as D2/3, but yeah i do agree things should be fixxed before a release, and things like always online is >not ever< a good thing, but hey today's society..., it is not for nothing on Steam either, wich i dont like after the many years using it, pepperoni bless Farming Sim 19. Gaming will never be like the golden olden days.
  8. The times of buying a racing game without it being labeled anything, and you just had a bunch of fun with it.... I honestly dont give a hoot about the 'Labels', if i tend to like the gameplay, ill just buy it.