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    Why this Subaru

    ^^^^^^^ Now thats a subie to drool over... 🤤 Imo the best looking Impreza.
  2. Gerbie

    Why this Subaru

    The older era cars are cooler in my opinion, but i welcome this adition anyway. And considering the shapes of allot of other cars nowdays..., it's still handsome.
  3. Gerbie

    Wheelspin Gearing in Auto?

    Tried Manual on driving games before with my xbox gamepad and it just annoys me, just a reason for me to use Automatic instead. But yeah this is a issue that should be solved in my opinion, having to play Monte this way just takes the fun out of it rather quick to the point of just skipping Monte entirely.
  4. Gerbie

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    While im not a fan of how they made the carreer (same with DR1), since it surely isnt accessible to everyone to complete, it doesnt realy bother me much aslong as it is not required to play it to unlock content. (wich i think it does not?) Other than that im enjoying the game for the little time ive got now and than, and cant wait for the rest of the content to arrive, and i hope they've got more in store after those 2 seasons.
  5. Gerbie

    I can't be the only one

    I'm with you on this one honestly, i did expect something else rather than rebadged content with some new shine over it, even though any extra content is always welcome. I think CM miss stapped on this one and it should've been new content for the Deluxe edition/season pass, and this rabadged content to be paid for a dime or 2 next to the Deluxe edition/season pass.
  6. Gerbie

    Small thing, but still annoys me

    Yeah i wonder why they changed it to this. I liked the addition in D4, and it worked fine as it was i think. 😅 Edit: see there's an option for it in game.
  7. Gerbie

    Codies are like a submarine on game release

    It is all about $$$ and nothing else. Codies is far from the worst bunch of Devs out there making games and releasing them tho, there are way worse. Now i dont have issues on my end, and enjoy this game unlike i did with D4 but not as much as D2/3, but yeah i do agree things should be fixxed before a release, and things like always online is >not ever< a good thing, but hey today's society..., it is not for nothing on Steam either, wich i dont like after the many years using it, pepperoni bless Farming Sim 19. Gaming will never be like the golden olden days.
  8. So now you have gone over to Steam, wich i personally dont mind all to much anymore, considering GFWL was utter garbage, and games nowdays are stuffed with DRM nonscense as it stands... But why for @#$% sake did you release this early access garbage? Were is the good old developers and publisher that was able to make and release great games without the need of trying to rob the money out of potential customers wallets for some half baked unfinnished game wich is getting worked on down the road? Were is the complete game?.... And than i mean sold as Digital Download AND DVD? If the Early Access game is seen as a beta on Steam only, so in the end customers that have the *patience* to wait can get a complete and finnished product in the end, sold as Digital Download AND DVD, i'll take my words back. As it stands, you wont have me as a potential customer, and if nothing changes, as like i said above, my view on you Codemasters, wont change. So far you have given me a sour taste...
  9. Gerbie

    Dirt Rally Steam Early Access

    Considering they started having a beta on Steam now, i doubt we'll see a fininshed product on DVD at all. In that case, they wont have me as a potential customer either. Not to mention, there is no word said about a final release, either digital download or DVD. Maiby some clarity on this matter from Codemasters would be welome.
  10. -The sound of jittering engines. -The speed over various terrains bumps and through corners, will you make it through alive and without damage? Or will you end up in a crippled can? Basically it is more thrilling than any other motorsport. -Terrain diversity, ice snow gravel tarmac, you name it. -Cars, from old models till new models, as long as it has a gasoline engine that purs.
  11. Awesome Codies team!! Smart date to publish this on btw. :D
  12. Gerbie

    DiRT videos

    Random Gymkhana round, never realy laid out a track to drive on, thought was fun to record back than. http://youtu.be/V1285sSgvZg If Cody's arent putting the Manta into the new game, im having a stroke... http://youtu.be/vaUls0nzHyw
  13. Gerbie

    DiRTy Gossip

    Well that is sad realy, i dont see a good reason to block anything like that either. Hell half the internet could be blocked or deleted because of copyright infrigments if it is so important.
  14. Gerbie

    DiRTy Gossip

    Great video!
  15. Gerbie

    DiRTy Gossip

    @Gerbie‌  just read ear the latest blog post by @justbiglee‌ pretty much sums up all the years news in one big crypt post :) Thanks man. And happy new year to all aswell.
  16. Gerbie

    DiRTy Gossip

    Not willing to go through 63 pages here (only checking codies once in a while for anything new), so any highlights of what happens in the back room of the Codies garage?
  17. It has been so long ago that some community manager said that it would be removed, but yet isnt as of yet, so personally no, i dont think it'll ever be removed. I'm also no programmer, but i seriously doubt that the GFWL removel would take so freaking long to accomplish. Wouldnt suprise me if they just dropped Dirt 3 completely, wich is a damn shame if it is.
  18. Gerbie

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    PC master race, plain and simple.
  19. Gerbie

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Flashbacks is certainly a feature that should come back, it makes the game much more accessible for people than without. Personally id vote for a > yes. And no, i dont crash THAT much... :D
  20. Gerbie

    DiRT 3 | Evanzo7's Gallery

    Liking the shot with the Grande Punto, reminded me of a nice shot i made in Dirt 2 long long ago. Scooby, dirty as it should be. And just dropping this one in, since Dirt 3 thread originally. Something mallfunctioning here... :))
  21. Gerbie

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    In that video on #16 is were it gets suspicious already, that is roughly 10 seconds faster all of a sudden compared to #17. Personally i dont care about leaderboards, at all, but i would love to see a video on that track with that time or even less, if it is achievable without cheating one way or another.
  22. Gerbie

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    There should be something against cheated times, like getting dropped automatically from top time boards if the sett time is far under an acceptable sett time (keep that time hidden from everyone) for a specific track. If #37 does 1:24.34, its very strange if #36 ends up with 56 seconds all of a sudden.
  23. Gerbie

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Any camera that Dirt 1/2/3 offers is fine with me though, no more actually needed, better game content on the other hand... hmm.... :D You guy's should go full out on the next title. :)>-
  24. Gerbie


    Dirt 3's Youtube function still works, try typing in your email instead of your username. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsWzJ81ZrzQ Latest video of Dirt 3 i uploaded on 7 april, since i also wondered if it still worked. :)
  25. Gerbie

    Colin McRae DiRT

    Bought this game a while after Dirt 2, since i didnt have a pc that could play any decent games in the first place (bought Dirt 2 with a brand new pc :D ), but fell ''in love'' with Dirt 2, and considered buying Dirt 1. Dirt 1 is definatly a good game when it comes to car/truck and track distances and selections, loved every moment of playing the game.