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  1. When Jeef says inters are ready is just info you still need to change ob mdf or if Jeef adding alternative strategy before pitstop
  2. i agree it is very annoying it should be added ability to go back in main menu or auto kick that player out in like 15 sec if not fully loaded normaly one person hold lobby with 10 People or more
  3. A detailed description of the issue. almost every time after race in ranked 5 laps i am alone in lobby and says join lobby again Report Code PSRE-MPGA-HPBK-STMG Platform? PC Steam Game-mode? online Ranked 5 laps [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. last race was 14 people in lobby [ONLINE] Were you the host? no What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. restart game pc, verify ga
  4. I had this quite few times now after race in ranked lobbies i am alone in lobby na had to press join again
  5. my windows version is :19043,1151) afterburner version: v4 6 4 16094 beta3 rivatuner 7.3.2 beta2
  6. that is odd,because i also using afterburner and discord with this game and didnt have single crash yet
  7. i thought will be able to take avatar from these drivers but was disapointed when i saw not be able to
  8. to me is more important to they fix overtaking behind safety car and also safety car itself and not receive any warnings or penalty for it online
  9. sorry guys looks like it was not fixed in this patch yet hope it will be in next one
  10. I want to play with Massa avatar and Senna team mate or Rosberg
  11. They know for this it will be fixed in next patch as i know
  12. @issueskidyou done great job on car sounds i like it
  13. If you are on PC? go to where your game is,open installers then reinstall first x64_SpeechPlatformRuntime and then also MSKinectLangPack_enGB and MSKinectLangPack_enUS
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