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  1. massa88

    F1 2019 - Weekly Event Rewards missing

    On PC i have same only got bonus
  2. massa88

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    I Will try to join have time after 18.00 friday EU time
  3. massa88

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    all races highlights at 12.10 19.10 to 19.45 23.40 to 24.40 and 32.00 sorry for bad quality
  4. massa88

    Fps drop

    i tried everything older drivers windows reinstall remove some programs but nothing worked also dx11 or dx12 i have same lag now i also have lag when people join in lobby before that was only if i was host of lobby
  5. massa88

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    @BarryBL i am interested in pc league if you also planing somthing like that in future
  6. massa88

    Fps drop

    i go to older drivers but i still have this lag unit last two patches game work perfect for me speaking on performance
  7. massa88

    Fps drop

    since last two patches my game has small lag that was not before also fps it is lower than before i have locked at 95 but now i have 70 My PC i5 4460 16 GB RAM Gtx 1060 6 GB Windows 10 64 bit Drivers up to date
  8. massa88

    This week's Featured Event is broken

    Agree i am on PC and had dificulty on 80 They where very slow yelow flags al over the place
  9. massa88

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    @BarryBL thanks for good fight at Monza
  10. massa88

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    @BarryBL you were not alone i also get destroyed each race not turn 1 but later in race They spun me off track
  11. massa88

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    HI @BarryBL are you still playing ? i don't see you on unranked lobbies
  12. massa88

    F1 2020 WISHLIST

    maybe also two or three specs cars everyone bit different like Ferrari is diffrent from Williams so we can choose also between different specs cars
  13. massa88

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Agree with you on this one @advanceapple , I am slower from wheel users also to 4 sec or more per lap
  14. massa88

    F1 2020 WISHLIST

    full co op career online like we have now offline
  15. massa88

    Is this the final version of the game?

    Any news when New patch comes?