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  1. Also did you try to start it in dx11 if that works?
  2. did you try disable antivirus or any other program that may be running before start game ? also that folder will be created by game when you will be able to start it
  3. massa88

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    i will apologise for first corner incident i was side by side with you on inside we touched in corner not sure what happened after
  4. https://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=37263&game=F1+2020&popSysReqRAM=32&popSysReqWidth=0'&p_make=Intel&p_deriv=Core+i5-3210M+2.5GHz&gc_make=Nvidia&gc_deriv=GeForce+GT+620M&ram=12&checkSubmit=&processor[]=1142&grafcard[]=797&ram_totalMem=16&game[]=37263#systemRequirements your pc doesn't meet even minimum requirements except from ram you are lucky that game even works if i insert correct data correct me if i am wrong
  5. massa88

    F12020 does not start

    @pipinhojf i suggest that you delete that f1 2020 3 exe files and then verify game files thru steam they have to be only two also name on dx12 is not correct as my picture show
  6. massa88

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    i was so scared last two lap that tyre will punctured so i was driving so carefully and also because my penaltis that you will get close enough to take my second position You where faster on the end bu me lucky fo p2
  7. massa88

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    fun race for me with podium on the end
  8. Think this is same bug as this
  9. massa88

    online game freeze

    maybe 4g is not optimal but i don't have other option at the moment
  10. massa88

    online game freeze

    @BarryBL it is conected when people joining this two videos shown code:GJEH-PJKT-GRTT-KKMG
  11. massa88

    online game freeze

    sorry @zZ A M P Aa but no i played game before today's patch not even single freeze,like last two patches when freeze was fixed and play mostly online,so 4g is not issue @BarryBL it started with 1.13 again
  12. massa88

    online game freeze

    i think it is when people joining because otherwise i have smooth driving sometimes inscription do not shown on monitor if people join and yes i still use 4g i am not host i think it is smaller freeze than before but is still annoying
  13. massa88

    online game freeze

    @BarryBL i had it 4 times but only go 2 races unranked 5laps one shot Q it is small freeze but it is code:CKVD-JTTA-EDHG-SEVG
  14. massa88

    online game freeze

    @BarryBL this bug is back after today update
  15. did also appear when start up game and stay there one min or so ? for me started yestrday i am on pc