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  1. massa88

    I love this game

    Same for me i like game only problem i have that my fps goes down Two days was great i had 90 or more fps,but yestrday had only 50 to 60 Max,not sure what had happened also did not update to last Nvidia driver
  2. Happened to me yestrday online one shot Q 25% race, unranked Lobby Started on start of the race and poping up every few seconds had to retire
  3. @BarryBL i had this second time or you mean on same track first time i had Monza ranked lobby,one shot qualifying 5 laps race i think 4 or 5 people in sorry i dont have code for that one only sreenshot from Monza
  4. PC online race unranked lobby one shot Qualifying race 5 laps Vietnam game version 1.3 people participate 6 code:XDXC-KVMR-DSJK-HMMG i should mention i had this also first day in ranked lobby 5 laps
  5. massa88

    please bring air vents back

    @BarryBL as you know i noticed that air vents are missing from game in testing,but they are not in full game now helmet looks so empty without them can you bring them back? please otherwise game is great
  6. massa88

    Driver numbers in online

    I had this to online @BarryBL any news on this?
  7. massa88

    Steam Achievements

    i think we need to wait until 10 July when base game unlock it was same last year i think
  8. or refund and buy MSC edition
  9. massa88

    Reviews are pouring in

    i have never bought game by watching review i buy what i like to play not what other people say about it
  10. massa88

    F1 2020 steam

    @UP100 @1512marcel can you pin this i am tired to react all this posts
  11. massa88

    F1 2020 steam

  12. that 6 days is for base game Msc edition Will unlock 7 july if you go at the bottom of Msc screenshot on store page,and press expand title,there is also written that get 3 days early
  13. massa88

    F1 2019 pc graphics bad - help

    do you have any screenshots how it looks like? also what are pc specification not sure if i will able to help you,but it helps for developers