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  1. That is not normal I use 1060 expedition 6gb ram and have lock to 90fps otherwise i have more than 100 on medium settings
  2. massa88


    Thank you and good luck in the future
  3. massa88

    Why Codemasters beeing EA

    you guys making such a scene,like Codemasters are only one with this Not Just EA also others are I have no problems with that
  4. massa88

    Codemasters F1 licence

    Agree on First one I only see that in 12,13 and 14 game then not Any more rest is in game pitstops are fine for me
  5. massa88

    Possible to copy career from PS4 to PC

    Sorry not possible as I know
  6. I do not agree that pad Players are from 1 to 3 seconds faster not whole post Use controler and i am not faster than wheel players Play f1 game Long time
  7. massa88

    WHEEL is BAD off the line? pad OP?

    I use controler and had vrey few times beter start than wheel users I have to disagree on that
  8. massa88

    Lag spike when people join mid-game

    it is also in 2018 but there is only host affected I am on PC also
  9. massa88

    Lag spike when people join mid-game

    Yes i have same From last Two patches not before I have this in ranked and also unranked lobbys and i am not host the lobby
  10. massa88

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    We had SC 2 Times in 4 races online 25%,so it is working
  11. massa88

    Online Car Customization Idea

    I like sound from Williams
  12. massa88

    F1 2019 Legends Edition gone in Steam

    i think you need contact steam support is still showing on your steam library?
  13. massa88

    Does it Feel Rushed?

    If you Play on steam try this right click on game,and properties uncheck :enable the steam overlay while in game