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  1. massa88

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    maybe pad with no assist definitely not with assist otherwise i would win almost every race but i don't
  2. massa88

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    sorry but i can't agree with this Play a lot online and very few times seen pad players won race against steering wheel players
  3. please can we get save camera for each car separately ? please
  4. massa88

    Driving without TC ABS Automatic

    Non assist drivers are alredy faster No need for changes
  5. massa88

    Classic Tracks

    Agree Also Valencia track
  6. I have stil same fps after 1.12 update Lock to 90 Steam
  7. massa88


    i agree with you i playing with Logitech f310 no problems at all
  8. That is not normal I use 1060 expedition 6gb ram and have lock to 90fps otherwise i have more than 100 on medium settings
  9. massa88


    Thank you and good luck in the future
  10. massa88

    Why Codemasters beeing EA

    you guys making such a scene,like Codemasters are only one with this Not Just EA also others are I have no problems with that
  11. massa88

    Codemasters F1 licence

    Agree on First one I only see that in 12,13 and 14 game then not Any more rest is in game pitstops are fine for me
  12. Sorry not possible as I know
  13. I do not agree that pad Players are from 1 to 3 seconds faster not whole post Use controler and i am not faster than wheel players Play f1 game Long time
  14. massa88

    WHEEL is BAD off the line? pad OP?

    I use controler and had vrey few times beter start than wheel users I have to disagree on that