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  1. Monthly challenge just got destroyed by racenet. After loading into the next stage I get: Connection failed Racenet service not available. Please try again later. Retry, retry, retry, retry for 10mins. I can't even go back. Only option is to go to main menu. Hopefully because I technically didn't get to the next stage everything will be ok. No. 8th place relegated to 141st. I was having so much fun trying to claw my way up the leaderboard, now I couldn't be bloody bothered finishing the thing. Hours wasted, very annoyed. Sort your Russian roulette servers out.
  2. Dscru

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Rain AI times need to be looked at for both rally & rallycross. I'm doing a Career rallycross on elite atm. My last 2 events have been in heavy rain and the AI times have been hilarious. The leaders in each qualifier (not in my heat) are avg. 7secs faster than my times. When those same AI appear in my heat they're avg. 5-7secs slower than my times. Semi & final the margin is even bigger. I love fighting so hard to grab an 11th or 12th qualifying spot on some tracks, but then it's really anti climactic when they're so slow when they're actually on the track with you in the semi & final.
  3. I've had Argentina x2 with no Spain since the patch.
  4. Just a minor annoyance, but when selecting Automatic Windscreen Wipers - OFF, they still automatically wipe.
  5. Xbox - digital deluxe Sound still cutting out. Game still dashboarding and asking if I `own this game`. Racenet kicking me out of career, historic rally & time trial tonight. 1 stage completed in about 30mins of play time. Very annoyed with this game atm.
  6. Xbox - Digital Deluxe Version. Game dashboards me during gameplay every so often asking me if I `own this game - see in store`. I have to wait a while to get back into the game (still running in the background). Once back in the game it's on pause, but it paused itself 5-10 secs after dashboard happened. Normally results in car in a tree, or through a fence etc. Occurs maybe once every hour of gameplay. Never had the happen with any other digital games, so I'll thought I'll post it here. Also have had the sound cutting out bug every now and then.