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  1. Xbox One Audio cut out again. 2 patches and this is still happening. Is this fixable, or is it being ignored?
  2. Dscru

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    Monthly challenge just got destroyed by racenet. After loading into the next stage I get: Connection failed Racenet service not available. Please try again later. Retry, retry, retry, retry for 10mins. I can't even go back. Only option is to go to main menu. Hopefully because I technically didn't get to the next stage everything will be ok. No. 8th place relegated to 141st. I was having so much fun trying to claw my way up the leaderboard, now I couldn't be bloody bothered finishing the thing. Hours wasted, very annoyed. Sort your Russian roulette servers out.
  3. I miss the individual stage times/rankings showing after each stage, followed by the overall rally times in a weekly & monthly. It was available in DR1, but removed for D4 & DR2 for some reason.
  4. The night time rain effect is a painful eyesore to look at. Looks like a placeholder effect tbh. Probably would cause more tearing & frame drops if they upgrade it tho. Shame
  5. Dscru

    Massive Bug in Rally Cross AI timings

    I'm on Elite Rallycross career atm, and all the AI times that are not racing in my heat are 5-7 secs faster. When they (the fastest AI) race in my heat they are avg. 5-10 secs slower. I squeaked into an 11th qualifying spot (on one of this years new tracks, Silverstone I think), but on to win the semi & final by 20/25 secs. Love the difficulty to qualify, but seriously an anti climax in the semi & final. Just monotonous. Doesn't happen on every track. eg. On Hell I absolutely destroy the AI in every race, they can't get close. But on one of the new tracks (Belgium I think) they are crazily aggressive & have incredible grip. I struggle not to come last in every heat with a totally destroyed car lol. 2 tracks and the AI behaviour is polar opposite. Could be that I know the old tracks so much more, I don't think it is though. If it's not that, I'd prefer newer tracks aggressive AI. It's a hell of a lot more frustrating, but it gives the opportunity to be a hell of a lot more fun if you can survive. With AI times across the board, surely there is enough stats available regarding global player times on every stage and track by now that can be used to tweak the AI to accommodate difficulty levels for every player. Put Racenet to some use. Finishing off a weekly event yesterday I binned my car badly towards the end of a stage. The car came away with the worst wheel alignment damage I've had yet, pulling severely to the left. No service available after the stage so straight into the next one, but it started with perfect steering. Is that a bug, or by design? Considering the 'hardcore' damage in this game, I think it's by design tbh. Still get a lot of Racenet issues. At least 1-2 times every time I play. Ridiculous that it's in career & freeplay mode imo. I still get the sound bug too (Xbox). Happens just as much as it did before the patch that was suppose to fix it. I get it a lot now on daily, weekly & monthly challenges which is just a killer.
  6. Dscru

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Rain AI times need to be looked at for both rally & rallycross. I'm doing a Career rallycross on elite atm. My last 2 events have been in heavy rain and the AI times have been hilarious. The leaders in each qualifier (not in my heat) are avg. 7secs faster than my times. When those same AI appear in my heat they're avg. 5-7secs slower than my times. Semi & final the margin is even bigger. I love fighting so hard to grab an 11th or 12th qualifying spot on some tracks, but then it's really anti climactic when they're so slow when they're actually on the track with you in the semi & final.
  7. It's always spotless compared to the AI cars. What's up, a bug? Whether I use no repairs (thinking about auto wash), or not there's no dirt buildup. The AI are covered from Round 2 onward. Stands out so much in start lineups and replays. Sounds nitpicky as hell I know, but it's just a thing that ruins the immersion. I'm having a blast on career rallycross atm tho. Hope the online is just as fun. Wonder why they didn't add an option for tyre choices in this mode as well? With something like changing weather during an event, limited tyre changes, and tyre costs would add a lot of depth and strategy.
  8. Dscru

    Season 2 Content Poll

    Defo more rally stages, but I would be so pumped for Pikes Peak. Hell, even a generic hillclimb would be nice.
  9. Dscru

    Purchase Vehicle list

    All the cars I listed in my OP showed up today for the 1st time lol. Must've been something to do with the console 500mb (pre Monaco Rally) patch. I bought all the classics I could.
  10. I've had Argentina x2 with no Spain since the patch.
  11. The car list available to me each day has been pretty much the same since release. Cars I've never seen for purchase: Mini Cooper Alpine BMW E30 Renault 5 Sierra Cosworth Peugeot 205 Lancia Delta RS200 MG Metro Lancia Integrale Escort RS Is there a bug? Pretty frustrating that the Audi Quattro is always on the list (a car which I got from the Deluxe version), but not a single other Group B car has ever appeared. Half the H3 & Group A missing as well.
  12. Just a minor annoyance, but when selecting Automatic Windscreen Wipers - OFF, they still automatically wipe.
  13. Dscru

    Mechanical Damage?

    I would love the hardcore damage setting to be actually hardcore, and not just a notch above cosmetic. It would be awesome if drifting slightly wide into the rough, or bumping an embankment etc could destroy/damage suspension. Constant high revs through a stage that would melt your gears. Dealing with loss of engine power, or turbo, or electrical problems that would cause intermittent co-driver calls if they could be implemented to occur rarely & random would be cool. (An on/off option) 7 barrel rolls that only cracks the windshield, or hitting a tree head on at 100mph that only slightly knocks the steering alignment off isn't hardcore. The only thing really effected seems to be bodywork.
  14. Xbox - digital deluxe Sound still cutting out. Game still dashboarding and asking if I `own this game`. Racenet kicking me out of career, historic rally & time trial tonight. 1 stage completed in about 30mins of play time. Very annoyed with this game atm.
  15. Dscru

    Tyre life and Running order

    Anyone have suggestions on when to choose wet tyres (Spain)? I've had a few stages pop up where the longer 1st stage is dry, and the 2nd shorter one is wet. I'm not sure if it's the durability of wets, or that the AI times are so fast on wet stages, but I'm not really competing at all (on Elite). For now I'm just choosing soft if the stage ratio is 2:1 in favour of dry. Anything less I'll go wets.