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  1. Thankyou so much for that explanation @cestomano. As a VR noob I had to google ASW. Then I thought that can't possibly work, especially as the quest frame rate is already pushing the lower limit for VR. So I drove around dirtfish until I found a nice glitchy bit on low settings, forced ASW on and it ran smoothly. Tried a few doughnuts, shaking my head about etc. and the effect had me fooled. I've now managed to crank up to mostly medium with a few highs and still smooth. Can't handle rain at night in the forest on high weather but I'm asking a lot from an old I7 3770 and RTX 2060.
  2. "VR gameplay will sync to 45 FPS if it drops below 90 FPS, so it's important to keep it the framerate high for a smooth experience." What does that mean for Oculus users? The Rift S runs at 80fps, the Quest at 72. Does that mean they'll always be dropped to 45? Or is it that they need to be generating 90, even if not displayed, which is a waste and would run less smoothly anyway? Also, the comment about running at a reasonable resolution? There isn't an option in game (when in VR mode). I know there's a setting in the hardware config file but not sure if it works as I think. Guess I
  3. Just getting into VR and couldn't understand why choosing to launch in Oculus mode just told me my headset is not recognized (might not be exact wording). Then saw all the stuff about having to run it in SteamVR mode so used that and have the same experiences people are complaining about here. Reading this I see it should now work in Oculus mode? Could this be because I'm using a Quest? I don't have a large VR library to test but some VR benchmark/demos I've tried work in both modes, Elite works fine in SteamVR mode and RBR works brilliantly....until I exit to menu when it crashes, w
  4. Read on here yesterday that we were getting a new location - Latvia. Very excited about that..... Until I got home and rad the in game announcement properly and realised it's rallycross. Which reminds me, what's with the rallycross daily events? I tried a few and been the only car on the track. Do I need to qualify or are they meant to be just time trials? Not too bothered, I'm not really interested in circuit racing (well, except for Wreckfest) but as I've paid for the content I like to at least try it out.
  5. Not in my hands! I'm seriously bad at FWD though, although the Citroen DS21 is fun to just keep my foot on the floor, point the wheel where I want to go and let the back do whatever it wants.
  6. You can keep those horrible F2s but I do miss the 037. BMW M1 is pretty close for now though. Yeah, Greece would be great.
  7. Such a shame we're missing it. SLRE has one. Gravel has one. RBR has about 4 models covering several years
  8. Definitely underestimated. I'd say more of a sim than Dirt Rally 1 but of course it didn't have the look or sound. Probably didn't help that they took months to fix the PC problems. Had it on PS4 for ages, then recently bought the PC version because it was under £3 on steam. Still play it but it falls between DR2.0 and RBR for physics, content and sound/graphics so I usually go for one of those.
  9. That's interesting re the cam mods. I use the narrowest FOV and in most cars would like to move the camera back a little so I can see the dash.
  10. Are the winter tyres we now have studded? I know in Monte they only use small studs but expected a bit more grip on the ice and a bit less on the tarmac. If they're not it would be great to have some as a choice as that's where much of the challenge of monte comes from. Those of you with RBR, try driving Passo Valle in the wet with tarmac tyres, then with snow tyres. It's a totally different experience, where the ice patches are now quite grippy but the studs slip on the smooth tarmac. Whatever, really like the newly revamped Monte, even if it is costing me a fortune in repairs!
  11. Just catching up here on the flag stuff. Can't see why the rest of the world is confused that the Union Flag is called the Union Jack depending where it's flown, that it's made up of the flags of the member states of England, Scotland and Ireland but not Wales, even though Ireland hasn't been part of the UK for about a century.....Except for Northern Ireland which is (at the time of writing) but is not part of Great Britain even though it's part of the UK. Simple enough to me.
  12. No FOV slider on console? Wonder why? If anything I'd have thought it more important for console players who are more likely to be using a less than ideal setup. PC players are more likely to have a dedicated monitor they can move to suit them. Except me. I use a TV on the wall that could to with being bigger or closer but the room is used for other things too so must compromise for now and pick my battles.
  13. Is that digital sales? Seem to be a lot of old titles in there, perhaps these are the top sellers in CEX?
  14. Ah, perhaps I hadn't noticed because I mostly drive historic!
  15. Really? I find money very easy to earn in this game and I'm usually about middle on community events. I do like the way damage stays with the cars between online and offline events though - found that out on day 1 when I messed about in shakedown like I used to in DR1!
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