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  1. Yeah it kinda is tbh, I find it odd they would omit that part for the console version. I don't necessarily think they would need a third party or external system to manage it though as it's been done before in game without the need for it. I think it was Forza 2 on the 360 which had livery/tune upload/download options in game which was pretty good.
    I really do hope they will work out some way of doing it though as it would help a lot of drivers right from newcomer/amateur to Pro alike. Be good to look at setups for those drivers who have decent times - I get it has a lot to do with 'style' of driving but it does help to see what others are tweaking and seeing if those changes helps your own driving.

  2. @BadD0g
    yeah, that was interesting reading (no sarcasm!!)
    I appreciate your words mate and totally get when you say about experimenting. But, what I I was actually hoping for was a screenie of others' car setups and their reasons for doing so. That way, myself (and others who no doubt will find this very helpful) would be able to set up generally for gravel/tarmac/snow and then tweak the settings as each individual sees fit.
    I'm going back a bit here but I think the later GTs had the function of downloading setups from other drivers - this is something I've suggested btw ;)
    Certainly the PC version has it so no reason why the console versions don't?
  3. Look at it this way, play the game for PB's THEN have a gander at the leaderboards and discount any stupid times to gauge what level you may be at. I find I don't get upset about it as much then lol
    That's what I do and generally get really bloody excited for having beaten a PB by 2secs hahahah
  4. Totally get what you are saying @dgeesi0
    I do understand your plight...the same feeling I had for years when exclusively playing on PC. Unfortunately, no matter what the Devs do, at least on PC version, there will always be someone who will look to cheat the game. I don't understand it myself really, why cheat? It doesn't actually make you any better, just looks good on the Leaderboards. I would love CM to do something like "Top 10 Drivers on leaderboards to go Head to Head in Pro League!!" announcement. Pretty sure the cheaters are suddenly going to have some sort of illness or disappear of the face of the earth. Something like this to call them out and prove they can do a stage in 1 second....
  5. JZStudios said:
    I experienced one cheater on Xbox in the short time I've played it, he finished full gravel pikes peak in 4 mins on the final event of a league and cost me 2nd place
    Wonder how that works.
    Would love to know too. One of the main reasons for me moving away from PC was because it was always easier to actually cheat whereas Console versions puts 'most' of that to a stop. With consoles, it's more to do with cutting and bug exploits, not outright cheating.  But yeah, CM have done an amazing job with DR; just hope they don't let this get out of hand on both PC AND console versions which would just mean a dark shadow over all the efforts they have shown so far.
    I'm all for getting rid of the cutting too!
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