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  1. 85 the game is super sexy ... more cars and tracks and maybe a few special things IDK... however only complaint for me is online replays , which i would pay for .
  2. Hi i currently own the Ariel v8 and viper gts , I'm looking for people to play with , as i can never find a lobby playing with these cars very often . my gamertag is erbzman on xbox 360 .. I'm a 5th place avg finish , clean racer ... i'm not really that good , but I'm getting better. also , will CM release a DLC or update for being able to save online game play and taking pictures of your car so you can show them off in forums? also , i did the race net challenges and my rank is 21 in all of them ? not a big deal , but thought I'd mention it.
  3. :x CM side note ,  brian lara cricket was a GEM.
  4. No man there's no gameplay replays or pictures this time around . I don't think there was time to put it in. thanks for letting me know ... however if there were the option to save online gameplay , this would be the best racing game ever.
  5. sorry I'm new and did not want to make a new thread , but does anyone know if it is possible to save online gameplay replays?
  6. - Silverstone - Catalunya -   Mark IV Toyota supra -   '98 Audi A4 2.8 -   2015 Subaru WRX STI -   Datsun 240 z more skyline would be great .
  7. Hi ! I'd like more cars and tracks. online replays, I wish i could save my online races so i can watch later . i find it extremely difficult to find matches online ... ex. skyline cup , super car ect. i owned the previous grids , i should get something special in AS , no? ... also the black edition i got is pretty useless really , i mean i dont even get anything ... one car that i have to buy ? come on man . otherwise , great game , much love from toronto !
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