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  1. OK I think you are right but anyway why the game doesn't show up in the enhanced list like all the other games that are in fact enhanced for example like Gears 5 or Forza horizon 4... I don't get it, that's why I started to doubt. And why looks like the devs never answer directly to us or someone on this forum who work close to the devs?
  2. PhilGrid2

    Grid 2019 Xbox One X

    I'm curious do me a favour go on the games list and select Xbox one x enhanced games now for you Grid shows up in the list?? Because on my Xbox 1 X it doesn't.. And that means the game is not Enhanced for xbox 1 X.. Also if you check the file info says that in fact it's not xb1 X enhanced.. If true I'm not happy at all and must be fixed and updated
  3. If you check the file info of Grid it shows Xb1X enhanced: false instead should be: True Grid right now is not an Xbox one X enhanced game Also when I check the games list under xbox1 X enhanced well Grid doesn't show up that's the final proof I guess.. So please what's going on here Codemasters? Someone can explain me please
  4. Sorry I posted this in the wrong section..
  5. This problem is well known looking on Internet. Maybe it's a problem with the hard drive on Xbox on X. I'm stuck at the main menu when you have to create a slot for saving the game, it shows an error message: there is a problem with your saved games, to play you'll need to delete and sync them again. It's a problem with cloud saves and I already got the same problem only with new games like Blair witch or borderlands 3 but then insisting several times to quit and start the game the problem got solved itself. Don't know what to do right now. I won't deleted anything neither clear my local save.. I don't want to lose all my progress for every game when the console is fine.. It's just this annoying problem.. Please can anyone help me???
  6. I noticed a lack of cars in TC with only Subaru, Audi, Ford and Wv golf so Please codemasters add some more Brands in the touring car series. Would be awesome to have in the pack the ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA TCR at least as a future DLC later please I really hope and why not more as well like the Seat Cupra, Honda, Peugeot, Hyundai, Fiat Tipo TCR, MG 6 and the new Mazda 3 Tcr some examples. My proposal why not to split touring cars into two disciplines TCR and BTCC! we always miss BTCC cars in every Grid game what a shame.. For GT3 series would be cool to have Lexus and Jaguar too Also another thing why we only have 16 cars on the starting grid? Why so few? When you get used to the game and you will overtake all rivals in few corners so would be nice to have 24 cars at least to have a race more challenging. With only 16 cars on track it will be too easy
  7. First of all I know the game will get 3 seasons of dlc and that's good! To be fair so far we know very few about the game but i hope when the game will be ready for the release that we won't get only the wolkswagen for touring cars we have many brands from nowaday brand new TCR series like Seat, peugeout, Alfa Romeo, audi, honda, Hyundai and only 3 cars for gt3 like ferrari, porsche and corvette.. i don't pretend every single car but more for sure to have some variety! I hope to get Alfa Romeo Giulietta TcR then i can die happy! 😁 Then i hope to get the same feature like in grid 1 where you have your own team and you start from rookie to champion with sponsor to place on car and livery or you race for other team plus team mate feature and GDR elements about car and team development and management during championship just like the last F1 games 2017/2019! Last thing i hope in more disciplines branches like 1.TcR with Alfa,seat.. 2.Btcc cars; 3.Aussie v8 old 4.WTCC with chevrolet, honda, citroen and Lada 5.Modern DTM 6. Old Dtm 1990-95 with Mercedes, opel calibra and Vectra and the legendary Alfa Romeo 155 All this stuff would be awesome for Dlc as well