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  1. First of all I know the game will get 3 seasons of dlc and that's good! To be fair so far we know very few about the game but i hope when the game will be ready for the release that we won't get only the wolkswagen for touring cars we have many brands from nowaday brand new TCR series like Seat, peugeout, Alfa Romeo, audi, honda, Hyundai and only 3 cars for gt3 like ferrari, porsche and corvette.. i don't pretend every single car but more for sure to have some variety! I hope to get Alfa Romeo Giulietta TcR then i can die happy! 😁 Then i hope to get the same feature like in grid 1 where you have your own team and you start from rookie to champion with sponsor to place on car and livery or you race for other team plus team mate feature and GDR elements about car and team development and management during championship just like the last F1 games 2017/2019! Last thing i hope in more disciplines branches like 1.TcR with Alfa,seat.. 2.Btcc cars; 3.Aussie v8 old 4.WTCC with chevrolet, honda, citroen and Lada 5.Modern DTM 6. Old Dtm 1990-95 with Mercedes, opel calibra and Vectra and the legendary Alfa Romeo 155 All this stuff would be awesome for Dlc as well