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  1. hmm seems like my switch to pc is getting to me. was part of the last 3 beta's on ps4 and chose for the first time for the pc platform. To bad..... EDIT: PC EMAIL RECIEVED!
  2. larryl


    thanks, didn't see that! Good find!
  3. larryl


    Where do you read that?
  4. larryl

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    It really depends on the wheel i guess, i first had a T150 and always drove on socks bud no i have the T300 with T3PA pedals i always wear shoes. I even bought special ones for racing.
  5. larryl

    Stop whinging

    i think you are missing my point. You don't have to tell me all those names cause i know they are around. The point is that every year there is a moment they almost completely abandon the forum an focus on the new one. Thats what is happening ech and every time.
  6. larryl

    Stop whinging

    i think for both parties there are good points, a point for the whining but also a point for the CM backers. Thing whats most important in my eyes is the awefull lack of communication from the CM side. Iv'e been in the beta for 2 times and thats when they are realy realy active and supportive. When the game launches is getting less and less, to a point where they don't even make a statement anymore to their "core gamers". Thats realy something to work on for them, better be transparant then nowhere at all. again: my opinion
  7. larryl

    Stop whinging

    *grabs popcorn