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  1. The forum isn't letting me post pictures (don't know why!?):Here's the link to a few grabs of the damage at 0:52:http://s1381.photobucket.com/user/PiperAlpha/library/?sort=3&page=1
  2. Damage at 0:52 looks more explosive considering it's just the Sauber's front wing was involved:
  3. That video was amazing!  Expanding on your post, I think the wheel tethers would be great. In crashes now, the wheels don't do flying around, they're still attached to the car by the tethers (look at Raikkonen's crash last weekend). Thanks Pete! Yeah I know what you mean about the tethers, although there are occasions where they fail. I suppose what we all want to see is something more like real F1 events. Not particularly our own cars smashing to bits, but seeing more accidents in general. I have a mod on my PC for making the sensitivity of cars much higher which kind of does the tr
  4. I've wanted a better damage model (as anyone who saw my Stevie Wonder vid will attest to), since F1 2010 and asked for it in the Call for Questions when I visited Codemasters in Birmingham before the launch of F1 2011. Steve replied with the same things we've been hearing. "The license is restrictive". Fair enough. I would like to see the following though: Proper suspension buckling on contact with the walls or another car.Shards of carbon fibre that stay on the track and cause the odd puncture. Properly modelled.Having to nurse the car with tiny bits of superficial damage.Punctured tires givi
  5. Haha no I won't go anywhere! Nice to see some familiar names on here.  :)>-
  6. I had no idea these forums were back up!  After a long hiatus it will be nice to see what everyone's talking about.  I'm hoping for some news regarding F1 2014 on Xbox One soon as although Forza 5 is decent, the F1 side of things is a bit rubbish. I hope Codemasters look at using some version of the Drivatar system because it really makes playing single player feel like you're playing against more than just AI. The amount of races I've had where I've been pipped by SynGamer or T4RG4 and actually got annoyed as if it's really them I'm up against.
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