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    Please make Overlord 3

    Australia - been a huge fan of overlord am kind of a fanastic grew up with it finished every single overlord game 1 2 hell dark legend fellowship even minions and the cheese website games... Finished most of them about 19 times.... Codemaster please make a overlord 🙏🙏 it's simple grab orgianal overlord guy so lore fits in Abyss get another company to design get Good writers hard part and make overlord 1 again but with different story line... And more crafting amour and tower... More overlord 1 less overlord 2....what you have here is a franchise you can treat like Assassins creed or call of duty you can Repeat the same **** and as long as it looks slightly better with a new story we the loyal fans will pay around 30$ max or if it's just released a good 60$ Side not even though fellowship was not really a overlord game i still enjoyed a bit.. It felt like I was playing a game that was one big mesum saying goodbye to overlord honestly it kind of made me sad.