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  1. I can see Mercedes bolting in a new engine with 2018 parts in Lewis's car and make this entire weekend an extended testing session for 2019, even if it means having him start from the back of the grid. At least that could spice up the race somewhat. Other than that, I completely agree with Kimi's first comment on the Abu Dhabi circuit back in 2009.

  2. MBKF1 said:
    Done some quick maths, and Hamilton needs to score just 33 points in the final 4 races to take the title, and that's with Vettel winning each of the remaining races. He could literally get a 5th and three 6th places and he'd get the job done. Crazy how quickly the season has changed from Hamilton being something like 30 points behind Vettel, to then being so far in front.
    Lewis at no stage was further behind Vettel than 17pts this year and that was after the second race (Bahrain).

  3. So, Vettel was faster therefore TO was ok. But when Lewis is faster and opens up a gap, TO is not ok. And just because it "looked like" (to you) that they gave the TO as soon as Bottas got up the inside, doesn't mean it was given at this exact moment. But we won't agree on this anyway, so why continue this debate? I respect your pov, but I disagree with it.

    Lewis drove a fantastic race, especially in the first stint. The way he kept his tyres alive longer than anyone else while still finding pace was spectacular, as was the fact that he kept the car on track in tricky conditions while gaining seconds per lap on the top 3 drivers. He made the most of his US-advantage when the rain came, after making the most of the Soft tyre-disadvantage once the top 4 had pitted and brought it home to win a race he started from 14th through no fault of his own. Good enough in my book.

  4. First of all, at the rate Lewis was pulling away from Bottas it looks more likely that he was simply struggling more to get temps into his tyres right after the SC (which would be perfectly understandable given they were 10 laps older than Bottas's tyres). The team asked Bottas not to fight, they did not ask him to leave a huge gap and give Kimi an opportunity to pass him. Did Bottas also outbreak himself into the hairpin and give Kimi a run because the team told him so?

    Again, nothing suggests that Bottas had the upper hand today. Even when he pitted for fresh softs, Lewis wasn't losing a considerable amount of time on his ancient softs. His first stint and the way he kept his tyres in shape was simply outstanding, but of course some people will focus solely on one teamradio to deny all of that. Btw, Mercedes weren't the only team which used TO yesterday. At least in their case, no driver had to give up his position.

  5. But anyway, what a blunder from Vettel. And right in front of his fans. Shouldn't happen to a driver fighting for the WDC, especially with such a beast of a car. Too many mistakes from Seb, like last year. I'm still sure the car advantage ultimately will be enough for even him to get it through the line in 1st, but he's making it look much harder than it should be.

  6. You declared not only this but the next two seasons as over for the rest of the grid before F1 turned one wheel in any competitive event. And you weren't the only one to do that in the red camp. The price for the most sensitive and defeatist fan base therefore goes to you and it's well deserved. Can't talk your way out of this one, Seb.

  7. VetteIfan said:
    The thing is there is actually Lewis fans out there that think like this. Acting as if he won't be up to 5th within 10 laps, and the Ferrari has a 200bhp advantage and is indestructible. 

    Most sensitive and defeatist fan base I've ever seen. Matches the driver. 

    Pot, kettle, black. And that was after winter testing, mind you.