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  1. I can see Mercedes bolting in a new engine with 2018 parts in Lewis's car and make this entire weekend an extended testing session for 2019, even if it means having him start from the back of the grid. At least that could spice up the race somewhat. Other than that, I completely agree with Kimi's first comment on the Abu Dhabi circuit back in 2009.

  2. VetteIfan said:
    Jiggy said:
    As for the driving style-approach, I get what he's saying, it's that style that has served him very well for most of his career and most of his F1-career too. The problem is that when you drive so much on the limit as Max does, all-or-nothing, you're bound to go over it eventually sometimes and sometimes it's nothing. Except for now it happens every single time that it's nothing. So you can drive around a bit more cautiously, maybe lose speed or aggressiveness in an intended effort to have less contact or you'll take the approach to keep the same style and find a way to utilize it without binning it. 
    The problem is this driving style is a big weakness if/when he's ever in a position to challenge for the title. The Red Bull is a good car but not a title winner. There will have to be compromise at some point even if at the moment it's only costing him occasional wins. 

    That's been a very notable change in Lewis' driving as his career has gone on. It's ironic because his idol is Senna but he drives more like a peak Prost these days (and that's not detrimentally speaking because that went at least some way towards him winning the title last season). 
    Yup. He should consider changing his first name to Louis given how much he's resembling the frenchman currently.

  3. Yeah, Lewis does walk into this kind of trouble quite often. Should've known better, especially in these sensitive times regarding people and their sexuality/ sexual orientation. Having said that, the reaction to it was also way over the top, but not unexpected.

    Should've gone the Vettel-way regarding social media. Just ignore it and live your life.

  4. As usual, I agree with pretty much everything you've said, Jiggy. Plus, I despise some of the rabid Hamilton-defenders on social media as much as you do. I'd like to think - although it's not at all objective to say that about myself - that I am more balanced when it comes to how I view Lewis. I defend him very often sometimes intensly so, but when he does screw up, I'm the first one to say he screwed up. I can also see why some people would dislike him for some of the things he says or does. He is a polarizing figure, that's to some degree what is appealing to me. But just as you said, sometimes the hate and vitriol aimed at him - not only by F1 fans mind you - is so over the top that I can't help but wonder if there's not a deeper reason behind all of this.

  5. I do agree that Hamilton is arrogant. The way he talks I think is sometimes rude. He also seems full of himself. To me when I look at Hamilton with all the things he says, all of the constant parties, it seems to me he is just trying to fill his life with things that don't mean much. There was an article on F1 website about him living everyday as his last. It was kind of sad.
    First of all: Show me one of the great drivers on the current grid who isn't acting arrogant every now and then, has never spoken in a rude way and isn't full of himself. Secondly, what's the problem with him partying and enjoying his life to the fullest? He's young, healthy, rich and besides, damn successful in his job. If he can manage to cope with all the parties while still being at the top level in his profession (and no one would deny that this is the case), then good for him. Criticizing him for that makes you look jealous in my eyes. I personally think that people not living their life to its fullest even though they have the means to do so are inredibly sad creatures. Apart from that, why would you care about how he lives his life? Is he affecting your life in any way by doing what he's doing? 

    You know, whenever I read some weird explanations as to why certain people dislike him, I always wonder whether the people saying that are fooling themselves by not acknowledging that in actual fact there's another reason they feel so strongly about him. Or maybe they're fooling us? 

  6. AMS97KRR said:
    Bit of an odd signing I think by Ferrari if that is true. No.1 and No.2 works so well for winning drivers titles compared to two big names. 
    As witnessed by Ferrari having won zero world titles since 2010...
    Also, imo it's much more likely that Daniel is going to join Mercedes alongside Lewis for 2019. They would form a competitive team, yet I doubt there would be any tensions given they get along so well and Daniel being an easy going character.

  7. Watching Kimi trundle around as Vettel's slave must be as joyful as watching paint dry. Why do you guys want another year of the same crap? I know that you want to see your driver race in F1 for as long as possible, but at all costs? The guy struggles to get podiums in a car that is capable of winning multiple races and competing for the championship.

  8. The FIA have opened a can of worms. Their decision to introduce the halo is down to a fear over getting sued if another fatal accident occurs in the future. However, with this decision, where do they draw the line? 9 of the 10 teams voted against it, the drivers voted against it, the fans despise it. It's bound to be unpopular, which is the last thing F1 needs right now.