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  1. Since honestly codies doesn't seem capable or willing to make a game as fun as TOCA 2 they might as well just do the same and re-release it with better graphics. 
  2. Its called Ebay.  You click a button and then someone knocks on your door.  What would you want with an outdated prequel anyway?
  3. My jaw dropped when I heard this.  What a square kick in the nuts of every codemasters supporter!!!  The game has gone from like what, 16 cars down to one because they didn't want to hit the copy paste button and adjust a physics sliders here and there on a game which is already 90% the exact same as the 3 or 4 or how many other games they've made of f1?  What an absolute mockery of the people who put down, what is it, 50 DOLLARS?!! on what is essentially the same game for year after year with another layer of lighting effects and some minor physics tweaks.  And they'll pro
  4. If you're significantly faster, yah, you'll make up the difference.  If you have equal skill and they have ground the xp for the upgraded car (as well as having accumulated alot more actual driving experience in that model in the process) you will lose unless you block obnoxiously.  Its obviously just a way to rake in more dough with the tacked on world of tanks grind model at the expense of consistently balanced and fun gameplay.  
  5. Ya that was the most fun I've had single player in the game.  You can select any person in the worlds ghost lap to race against which is pretty amazing and obviously should be an incorporated feature/game-mode.
  6. Just host a game and you can disable upgrades and tuning which essentially creates equal performance.  However even doing that may still allow people to use owned cars which have better 'condition' which may give them an extra tenth of a second over loaned cars.  The idea to give far more experienced players faster and better handling cars was obviously a stupid one.  Find a way to create rewarding progression that doesn't unbalance the gameplay, fragment the community and kill the fun factor as such unbeatable cheapness does in any game. 
  7. hahaha ok. Much love for the welsh as my surname originates from there. 
  8. To arms! To arms! ... They don't have the missouri flag included in the game! Its the United STATES codies, you redcoated jackalopes!  I hope you are joking around about suing and writing your congressman.  Otherwise the fact that codemasters responds to its forums has obviously made you mad with videogame nitpicking power..  That'd be cool if you could make your own flag but obviously thered be alot of inappropriate stuff. 
  9. Its crazy how more and more common and supposedly acceptable it is getting to release clearly unfinished games.  Battlefield 4 has been out for how many months and it just got a patch that allows you to play for longer than 10 minutes without hard resetting your xbox. Bugs included this is a phenomenal console simcade racer.  Not since TOCA 2 has the fun factor been so high that I've stayed glued to a racing game for this long. Hopefully the now standard overpriced 'second half of the game' DLC doesn't divide and disperse the community.  Well obviously it will but hopefully
  10. Hahaha.  Oh so thats a glitch huh? I've never looked at the leaderboard before. Is there a way to download hotlap ghosts from friends on xbox live and time trial on a track against their ghost hotlap when its not the racenet challenge? That is alot of fun being able to hit LB on anyone and get their ghost but is that possible only with racenet challenges? 
  11. I did like 5 laps having never done that track and only racing that car a couple times and got 21st in the world.  I was like wtf?  I did get a helpful bounce off of that last car at the last corner that conveniently is asking to be used as the perfect gutter bumper though.  Loaned car, no assists, no ABS. 
  12. Just give your glasses, plates and silverware a sensual massage if you enjoy the theme of that title screen track. :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMgaHRddQUw You could probably use a converter to DL that. 
  13. I find the core of the game, the driving physics and feel to be a big improvement over grid 2, which I rented. Grid 1 I played the demo of and mainly that ultra braking you talk about was so off putting I disregarded after 15 minutes.  The game has basically gone back to the fun factor of TOCA 2 but its still obviously half assed in alot of areas like you say.  Blatant lazyness and or just cheap game design really seems to be the new norm in more and more games.  The awesome colin mcrae physics were made childishly simplistic in dirt, grid did the exact same with TOCA physics...
  14. I've got to congratulate and thank Codies for a (long overdue) return to solid physics form with grid: autosport (bad name choice by the way, I was looking at the advert for a week before i realized it was a new grid and not just the subtitle i never noticed to the first one).I've only played the online mode and for about an hour and a half but already this is easily the best feeling circuit racer I've played on consoles.  Finally there is a game that reaches and improves upon (in regards to the driving feel anyway) the realistically satisfying simcade feel that TOCA 2 had.  While I'
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