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  1. TrueRacerMic

    F1 2019 - Level 50 trophy/achievement glitched [SG]

    Can confirm you get the trophy on Silver 1 level, on PS4 at least
  2. TrueRacerMic

    F1 2019 - Level 50 trophy/achievement glitched [SG]

    @Hoo has this made it to the latest patch or we have to wait?
  3. Sign-ups are still open with very few spots remaining in F1 & F2, if you are interested please fill the form on the original post
  4. League medal trophy can't be achieved and time trial entry on every track also bugged, my friend got it but I can't unlock it, I have done valid tt laps on all tracks and short ones too and I haven't got the trophy
  5. SIGN-UPS OPEN! Welcome to the European Racing League, we race on F1 2019 on Friday & Saturday evenings on the PS4 platform. Sign-ups open: 1st July 2019 Sign-ups close: 15th July 2019 Short Quali 50% Race Full Damage Equal Official Cars F2: Fridays 8PM UK Time F1: Saturdays 5PM UK Time If you're interested in joining ERL Season 7, make sure to fill the form below and we will contact you soon after: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnbm64FxpNMbGaLy07-7aAY3bjaQIPY22GYd4H-IYeX40p0w/viewform See you on track! 🏁
  6. Can i race in the tier which you race on Saturdays 8PM if possible?