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  1. the codriver issue its a thing; I buyed the game as preorder as premiun package, and with little time to play, the only rally I actually do good at first was NZ, and Argentina, with few outs, but still there's a Bridge than always I Overshoot, the note says right 3, buts its a damm wet hairpin, in fact there's haipins more opened in Argentina, now I just hang with one wheel, or scratch the left pillar, before I literally jumped onto the vaccum, and that low contrasst stage than I just have to really overly brake because I didnt see the trail (the one I put the pics in the other post); downhill you see a lot more than uphill, when you started that stage dusk literally its a brown spot than bounces around the screen untill you see some details off the track, outside the ditch, so the stage limits are still unclear, and you just feel'its when you hit them, than gives me an unpleasant game one year ago.... And when S2 ended I just had less time so literally didnt play the game for months, mayble a couple of stage per month, or four every two months, and when corona virus became to be a thing, I begin to enjoy more the game, still are bad calls in every rally, australia have some rythm changes than literally I still crashing at the same spot, less harder, and then... Scotland came horribly calls, literally Horribly, at least in spanish, so horrible than you going on 5th gear flat and brake until 3rd gear or 2nd gear, when the corners itself are for 3 or 4, because they're so late call than if you didn't over brake preventively even before you see the corner, and wait for the callsight, or you're still on 5gear flatout onto a right 3 in a downhill road with logs outside and bad camber when you're already had to go on 4th maintaing the throttle or 3rd gear at the red line Yes memory helps a lot, but not everybody have good memory, well I still remember some corners of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and Colin McRaer Rally 4, even full stages, but now I have to do other things and memorice 50kms of tracks for every location, its not a thing; luckyly Dirt Rally 1 have the half of same stages so those Stages, I still remeber some of the hard corners, but in new content (For DR2.0, and Greece for example), never raced to much there), Im totally blind, everytime
  2. chacaf22

    Severals issues never fixed

    System Specs: I Take the pics with less ram instaled because I'm testing a friend PC and I had to lend that system a little of memory, and since the game performs at the same framerate with 8 or 12gb installed its not an issue
  3. Hi, a big post over here, and I updated with photos to show you some of the issues I had, and my system Specs Best Regards, and sorry for never ever complain about this before; I seroiously believe someone will find out before; but how everybody races on memory besides Codriver: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/50304-severals-issues-never-fixed/
  4. chacaf22

    Severals issues never fixed

    Hi, Im from my Gamming computer this time, and luckyly the Today's GT´s challenge just go to the bad lightning stage, and I going to show those dark , really dark paths thats are supposed to be rallystages, and then show you the car from outside to see than, in fact light trails are from outside, lights are on, but its like not from the internal/bonnet view, in those conditions; light trails from th car just didn't exist in all the stage awww yeah right; Headlights are on from Start to end: SEE!!! NO LIGHT TRAIL, ON DUSK!!!!
  5. chacaf22

    flat tyre change betwee stages

    I believe I'm the only one who has this problem (like a giant post I just make), because every bug I find never get fixed
  6. Hi I never make an issue report before, because I'm too lazy to register myself for 5th time in 15 years visiting codemasters forums Also I apologize for use capitol sometimes, but I'm writing from my cell phone, and it's easier wrote in capitol than in Blacked, and if the grammar it's not perfect, I'm apologize too, because I'm from Sudamérica (Chile) and the only English training I got it's play games since 1995 I have a W10 Steam System, with a FX8320 processor, 12gb ram and a Radeon R7 370 4GB, and found several issues trough time than never got fixed, system drivers regularly updates & always up to date Perth & kilross: Codriver calls are bad, seriously BAD, I have my setup in the middle, and a little on the ahead mark, and the Codriver warns me about a corner after I crashed, specially when he says the word "inminente", uselles call, totally useless, in rally every corner its "inminente", also it's a long word and the guy literally takes all the time in the world to sing the note... 😤😡 Also the "don't cut, rocks hidden inside" had a horrible timing because you're already on the corner trayectory when the Codriver call that pace note, BEFORE THE CORNER NOTE ITSELF, and the car stops of spinning after the crash almost @the same time when the Codriver finishes the pacenote of that exact same corner... Literally in Spanish the co-driver took like 3 seconds more to sing that exact pacenote : -"Danger don't cut, rocks hidden inside, left four" -"Cuidado, no cortar, piedras escondidas dentro, Izquierda de cuatro" ... and you hit the rocks when he is saying "piedras" or "rocks" And if he says "Imnimente" before, probably takes even 2 seconds more to sign that call, totally useless call, "hacia" it's a lot easier & faster to sign & process IT should be an option to @least sing the note when you are on the previous corner, middle for example, and be TOTALLY consistent with that, yes I can move the settings bar onto the "ahead" position, but then in other Rallies starts to sings notes 2 or 3 corners ahead and I totally got lost because it's to much info ahead and I ended up just trying to not loss the raceline and I can't remember the number of the pacenote, therefore, losing time 😔 Poland & Australia have similar issues but less accentuated, they finish the calls when it's already to lathe to correct the car trayectory, so I have to "pre"brake just to make time for the sleepy Codriver finish the calls out, the worst things is: he sometimes are fine, sometimes it's too ahead, and sometimes, in straight, didn't say anything until it's too late to react properly, and both Rallies have really hard borders to hit... 🤪 Personally I found stupid having to change the pacenote rhythm in function of the Rally, specially if you do the daily challenges Something else you never fixed in more than a year: "Lightning", in Argentina you have some stages @dusk, I imagine, when you start or finish in the fast Pampa section, you literally see nothing, just a blurry mix between brown and graylish stage with low contrast and If you turn on the lights, NOTHING HAPPENS😕, curiously at sunny daytime in a clear stage if you turn on the lights and you pass onto a mountain shadow, the lights reflection shows you the road, but in dusk, you just see nothing, until you get the trees, the fence, and the mountains again, curiously even in heavy rain, or night with the lights off you see more, and funny thing is, the lights have more reflection on the road in the sunny daylight than in dusk, and when you pass trough a Shadow you can see the light trail in the middle of the sunny day, but in dusk, NO LIGHT TRAIL! 🤔 Also AI times in rallycross are surreal in early stages, I managed to win all my races, or finish second and I barely make the top 16 in the time table, by 10 seconds... I'm not Timur or one of the Hansen brothers, in daily challenges I'm always between the first quarter or the first half of drivers in the timetable, but in the campaign, I'm stuck in the second difficulty level, from bottom, best time against the AI, winning my RACE BY FAR ... P13, or maybe just for stupid drivers, a Codriver in training session of Rallycross 😉 Also there's could be an option to automatically manage the Traction control between cars? FWD & 4WD I can go with TC in Off or as little as 1 without much trouble, but RWD I have to put that Damm thing in 5 and I spun like 5 times for stage anyway 🐒 Ahhh servers issues, nothing than anybody never complained before, sometimes I just turn off the game and go to play something else BTW, EVO6 didn't belongs to the GrA Class anymore, I know, I know, but with the S4 Impreza, the 00 focus, the 01 206, it's just natural put aside them, and in the GrA class put an Evo 4, or the Celica ST205, the Celica it's already in other Dirt Games, 😁 Finally, it's there any way to use custom liveries in DLC cars? I just found ugly and ugliest all the liveries on BOTH Focus WRCs 😅 the white/orange one was the less ugly, but seriously, You can't put an 00,01,02 Livery on those cars? Not inspire, the real one, even in the 07 focus, the 01 Livery looks gorgeous (and you can just change the Martini logo for the Ford One like the real car, or put the Old Codemasters logo instead, or the logos you put in that awfull inspired fake texture) Sorry for the walltext, some of them I seriously believed you will fixed them before