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  1. Koekenbakker28

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    I don’t mind a challenge. I don’t mind if I can’t catch up with AI in one season. What I do mind is that a team starting 8th can be 1st by race 11 in the season. It’s highly unrealistic. Just make the updates more expensive or points for the weekend less and I’m happy
  2. Koekenbakker28

    2 years in development? Byebye credibility.

    As a software developer this is the least I would worry about.
  3. Koekenbakker28

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Is there an update on this @Faya? I like how the game was released early, but first I was waiting for performance update to start career and now I’m waiting for AI to develop less fast and it’s almost the “regular” release date. I’d love to know whether you’ll address the R&D development anytime soon and if so, what would be the timeline?
  4. Koekenbakker28

    Career mode is now broken!

    Yes. But not from last to first within a season. I’m all for shifting in offseason but not during a season please. Also AI is maxed out after 3 seasons, that’s too short
  5. Koekenbakker28

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    I made a post on Reddit about it but it never gained traction. I’m still at Baku and hesitant to continue cause I don’t want to be dealing with these insane performance updates by the AI. https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/cew0m0/increased_cpu_performance_updates_linked_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
  6. Koekenbakker28

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    You nailed it. Same with the driver transfers btw. I just expect a season to have the same competitors with teams moving up 1, max 2 in the rankings. I have zero problems with Williams being 3rd in season 2, due to whatever regulation change.
  7. Koekenbakker28

    F1 2020 Holland edition

    Dutch language sucks, but if it broadens the appeal to others please do. Just don’t force it down my throat.
  8. Koekenbakker28

    Thrustmaster Wheel Setup Help - PS4

    I have a T300 and everything is set to default. If you’re having trouble with accelerating and spinning you could try increasing throttle linearity, other than that I think you’re missing the FFB on the wheel. Something that the pad does give you...
  9. Koekenbakker28

    Thoughts after 1 seasons in career

    I know and I said I’m purposely doing it cause I don’t want to grow insanely fast with a bottom team. That said, it seems the AI is growing insanely fast and that seems to be the real issue.
  10. Koekenbakker28

    Sound Options

    I’m sorry, but when I build software for you (it’s my work) you will also not get a list of all things we’re going to fix and in which order. Nor will you get the details of all employees so you can ask them directly. Your wishes lead to less velocity when it comes to delivering software. IMO the only thing that Faya can do is create a list of tickets with all info provided here. And whilst you don’t see that, I’m sure they already do that. And then it’s just a matter of priorities and resources what will go first. Obviously they can’t fix everything at the same time and some bugs might have less impact then others, so maybe they don’t ever get fixed.
  11. Koekenbakker28

    Safety car is still a mess

    Today was the first time in 4 editions I had a bugged SC. Basically it came out, but then everyone could just pass it without penalties and you didn’t have to slow down. Of course AI would slow down behind them leading to some weird situations including some broken wings. Safety car kept driving the track till the end of the race
  12. Koekenbakker28

    2002 Ferrari missing in F1 2019

    No one was driving the 2002 cause the 2004 was faster?
  13. Koekenbakker28

    F1 2019 : A game not finish....??? (Correction category)

    Omelette au fromage
  14. Koekenbakker28

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    PS4 is fine. All that is missing is the right performance.
  15. Koekenbakker28

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    I think you don’t understand how complex software development it. It’s my job and it is very hard sometimes to nail down bugs and fix them. A day of work is nothing... sometimes it takes days to fix one tiny thing.