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  1. Koekenbakker28

    F1 2020 Holland edition

    Dutch language sucks, but if it broadens the appeal to others please do. Just don’t force it down my throat.
  2. Koekenbakker28

    R&D System 2019

    I think the point is that the AI managed to nearly max out in the second season with an Alfa Romeo. So it’s not about the R&D of your own team.
  3. Koekenbakker28

    R&D System 2019

    Is it not resetting when maxed out?
  4. Koekenbakker28

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    The market for a licensed f1 sim game is simply not big enough. They need the casual audience to get the money in...
  5. Koekenbakker28

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    I almost have it identical and also have the conical mod for the T3pa (in the exact same position!). But a load cell requires much more force to press it and the back of the challenge seat just doesn’t give me enough support which means my back starts to hurt. Thanks for sharing though!
  6. Koekenbakker28

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    That’s nice. I might consider a better set when PS5 comes out and they’ll show us what is supported and what not. Would be a bummer to spend 400 euros on a set that I can’t use anymore in about 1,5 years.
  7. Koekenbakker28

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    I have a Playseat Challenge and installed the load cell mod for T3PA a while ago, but the amount of weight you have to put in there is insane and it was breaking my back. How's that for the CSL Elite pedals?