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  1. udell87

    Grid Autosport or F1 2014

    Get both grid is good and f1 is good 
  2. Hi guys I need some settings for f1 2014 on xbox 360 using fanatec csr (non elite). The ones I'm using at the moment aren't very good and was wondering if you had any to share. I've been on the forums awhile now and can't find any. Cheers nick
  3. N1CK UD3LL and all 3 leagues 
  4. udell87

    2014 British Grand Prix

    The track wasnt actually designed for racing if you look its just the service road for the old world war airstrip, no one designed it
  5. I just been racing you my gamertag in N1CK UD3LL can i join the club im already part of a couple but i need people to race :) 
  6. udell87

    EVO Racing, xbox 360 all welcome

    If u guys join soon il make everyone that joins today principals of the club and u can make club liverys
  7. udell87

    EVO Racing, xbox 360 all welcome

    Hi guys iv just made a club for xbox 360 im a uk racer but everyone is welcome aslong as you can race clean and fair, rubbing is welcome but not in open wheelers, so come join our club EVO Racing on almost everyday so come race and enjoy. just look up EVO Racing. Nick
  8. Hi scgor is it the ms force feedback wheel that your using im using mine and still messing with my seetings but its feeling alot better now here theyare please trying them and see if u like them they are steering deadzone- 3-5, steering sat- 95, steering linearity- 6 (not sure what this is lol) throttle deadzone-3-5(most important one), throttle sat- 100, brake deadzone- 3-5, brake sat- 100 Really hope this helps these are my settings for f1 and work well on here too,if u can tweak it even better send me the settings m8. Good luck see you on track. note the (-) are not minuses mate just to space it out