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  1. I know about the distance travelled being the criteria for winning but common sense tells you that being in first gives you more time to travel and i reached first place on the start of the 2nd lap and thats after about 15 attempts so yeah thanks CM I know ill never get that achievement now. I tried the other platinums but i noticed that the time it takes me to reach the start line is almost exactly how much time im over the platinum score, whatever. I have beaten platinum arcade on pgr4 and that was difficult but achieveable but a taste of these CM platinums tells me its for steering wheel ra
  2. I am finding the platinum medals in Racenet extremely difficult so imagine my surprise when I managed to get to 1st place in the Lancia Party elimination challenge only for the race to end with 3 cars running and no countdown from 3 to 2 to me.  Every elimination game in every racing game I have ever played is won by the guy in first place but not in Autosport apparently. What am I missing???   :-/ 
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