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  1. Still isn't fixed the issue bit it isn't my internet connection It's the server from codies who separates me from the lobby it doesn't kick me out of Multiplayer or gives me a error It's a migrating host bug or something
  2. Dear codies, Platform: Xbox | One S Still I have the problem Migrating Host and then suddenly everyone leaves the lobby (in-game) or in the main lobby I suddenly am then only one. I changed all the specific and support response to the preferred settings, but I still had this problem. Then I tried F1 2020 online lobby and raced online against people without any issues also tried after that online ACC.
  3. Dear codies, As I have paid for the deluxe version and I see everyone playing online and I tried everything I would like help... The problem is that I getting kicked from online lobbies / separate from everyone else. As soon as I join a online lobby I see everyone leave the session and get sent in a separate one (main waiting lobby as in-game) It's not my internet connection as problem , also having a direct internet kabel with specifications: - 311.09 Mbps download - 30.81 Mbps upload Never had issues like this on F1 2020
  4. If you're going to the grid, and the lights are going out. (I have my up shifter set to clutch (also handclutch) and the game doesn't allow me to go from N to 1st gear. After the lights are out then I need to push again my pedal then it only going to 1st gear not earlier. And I have this from the new update 1.05 Xbox platform Wheel: thurstmaster F1
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