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  1. You have the presumption to know how I drive. yes I now using the pad and I need some of these assists, because my T300 died a few months ago, waiting to decide which new steering wheel to buy I decided to take f1 on the ps4. For years I played on PC with AC, project cars, f1, etc. And I can tell you with certainty that, on f1 without assist you go much faster, but I see that you are very convinced of what you say, so probably i wasting my time .. Have a good day.
  2. @AlexTT I have a question? Why don't you also use the assists? since you allude to your super skill, with the assists on, you should win all races.. complaining for this is ridicolous. I agree that the ranking system must change because it is too punitive but everyone MUST have the freedom to play as they want and how they can. However without any assist you go much more faster, if you say the opposite you have not understood anything. Cheers
  3. Hi, I have some advice for you. I got the gold rank with 2000 point, and it is certainly a punitive system like it was on F1 2018 and need to change. But in the case of Codemaster nothing changes, I have some useful tips. Before starting the races, I spent 2 days doing setup in time trial, for almost every track and perfecting them for my riding style, (I using a pad, my steering wheel is dead) anyway it gave me immense help just adjusting the aerodynamics for the circuits. When the race starts (obviously if you are in pole position is better), at the first corner especially if it is Monza or Barhain, in short, those really tight and slow corners, it is VERY important to brake longer than normal to survive (if necessary cut the corner)!! And if a driver behind overtakes you, is not a problem, we must not always arrive for first. Drive super safe, if you see a rammer and waiting for you, slow down and approach it with caution, cut a corner to survive. Is important to get on the podium or at least close. For me it was another story, and I understood how the 5 placement races are really important. I got the gold in 10 races. The first race I got rammed, I was first and I finished 4th. The remaining 9 races, 8 pole positions, 8 victories. The last race started second and finished 2nd. So after 5 races, I started with 1898 points in the ranking, then another 5 races and boom. Gold! Out of 10 races, 3 times they tried to destroy me, I was lucky but with the right strategy you can do it! Good luck guys! Cheers. edit: A really important thing, once you've reached 2000pt, the trophy will not pop. You NEED to do another race immediately and after completing the qualifying the trophy will come out!