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  1. Hey all, Im not sure if this is just a PS4 issue or not, but trying to take part in the weekly event is almost impossible right now, as i am getting less than 30FPS. Is anybody else getting this issue?
  2. xFleXy

    VSL F1 Season 2 - Sign-ups

    Here we go.. The VSL F1 Season 2 sign-ups are now... LIVE! Hit the link below if you're interested in joining us for our 10 race, Season 2 calendar! Only on PS4. Starting on Saturday April 13th we will be competing in a 10 race calendar featuring the very best of the Formula One calendar. Calendar below ⬇️ Round 1 - Australia Round 2 - Canada Round 3 - Germany Round 4 - Bahrain Round 5 - Italy Round 6 - Spain Round 7 - Britain Round 8 - Belgium Round 9 - Singapore Round 10 - Brazil SATURDAYS 8PM UK TIME / PS4 ONLY https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7KZ75L8