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  1. screweddriver

    Codies Yearly Update – 2014 | Codemasters Blog

    Those Cars look #lovely :)
  2. screweddriver

    The Codies Festive Giveaway | Codemasters Blog

    hover your mouse over the calendar pictures and click - clear instructions will show up
  3. screweddriver

    Why is GFWL still in DiRT 3?

    because you can hack GFWL and get most DLCs for free only mini gymkhana and ford escort from 70s can't be hacked
  4. screweddriver

    Screwed By 2013 Again!

    pointless childish rants...
  5. screweddriver

    As per F12013 - has the game save code been fixed?

    i'm playing the fourth season of career without problems ever since the last patch been released also it would help developers to help you if you'd spend more time providing info about the issue instead of pointless rants
  6. screweddriver

    Beg for DiRT 4 to CM

    there is no hope left for me other than rally pack for project c.a.r.s. i'm no beggar or dreamer but i'm looking forward to be surprised by the boldness of codies' investors
  7. screweddriver


    nostalgia is not a best thing for your brain - constant dreaming about past good times just makes you a happiness hormones' junkie, affects your judgement and prevents you from adapting to a changing world around
  8. screweddriver

    Drink of choice while playing?

    i hate the way caffeine and alcohol screw with my blood pressure also i'm not enjoying fueling myself with sugar constantly so my choice for hours of gaming is just fresh water