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  1. I might give back a try to Autosport as Dirt Rally is impossible to drive on PS4 with T300 now... till fix. At last they fixed the server times on PS4, is that been fixed in Autosport ? or do we still see that we are 21th in the world, no matter what time we did ?
  2. 360 ? Wheel or controler ? because if I was driving my car with a controler in real life I would probable be on the grass half the time too, imagine with a F1... ;)
  3. Note: For PC only...
  4. If you bought the game and want an active club, join The Rat Pack ! Will make events and keep this club active with help of friends and good members. See you on the track ! add me in PSN friends, just put DriveClub in invitation, i'll get it :) actually looking for someone to make club active ASAP ! We need to be two to get the club starting... Rushing to be among the firsts on day one. :) Get in the action and join in ! :) Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/348243632023663/ Zalex on PSN President of The Rat Pack (DriveClub/PS4) President of RS Motor Club (Grid Autosport/PS3) VP of The Rat Pack (MCO/PC) back in the days...
  5. ZalexQc

    grid autosport

    Where is the cheat there ? I don't see any... Avoid colliding others and stop getting wide and in sand traps... That will help a lot ! ;p
  6. Ho well... I'll go play DriveClub on PS4 with console suckers then. Here we go for the lack of respect for customers CM, got no answers to my questions for more than a month while helping your comunity. WAS a big fan of CodeMaster games since TOCA and bought all titles, sometime in multiple copy for doing multiplayer LAN games. But new management does not fit the way I see games, it does not fit the passion I have for racing games. RaceNet is the weirdest and confusing we can have for organising clubs... Not knowing the CodeMaster account names of our own friends. I'm just done supporting a game that dont support his own fans. Sayonara Code Master ! @marvelmax1 thanks for the headsup on this.
  7. You should remove one of your two posts... and I'm waiting for that feature too...
  8. Put a link of where they said it would be out for october, I'dd like to read it. Also want a rear view mirror, a warning sign is just not enough when you play inside or hood view. Thanks
  9. ZalexQc

    What I would like to see in autosport

    As soon you do this people will start to put all money they have in a bid, loose on purpose, reload a save game, race again... Then do same operation swaping role with the friend online. after a day you can buy whatever car you like and enought money to tune it while you level it. no more chalenge in collecting money to afford the $4000000 car. Would be fun to bid indeed, but would bring his lot of flaws. What about been kicked out of "arranged bid races"... Because you could make them loose that bid ?
  10. Try what @sgtdrayke‌ said, let opponent pass you once, then overtake. Got to do it once too to bypass the glitch.
  11. Wrong place to ask it mate, you should start a new thread if you want it visible. be sure to put some buzz words in your own subject title.
  12. ZalexQc

    Club name incorect

    Then I should have asked: "Will the developpers code something so we can modify our club name once if it's mistype or differ between what we think we entered "All seen caps lock" and result on Racenet "Hi and low caps". ... Answer must be "NO" also, so I close the subject.
  13. ZalexQc

    Game dont save commands

    With the time I found out that if I want to keep buttons mapped for the wheel, I must ALWAYS start the game with the wheel... Then I'm fine. The day I forget and start game with controler, maping is lost. Wish it can help some wheels guys.
  14. ZalexQc

    Racing flash sale Grid Autosport PS3 $12.49

    Bump ! For anyone like me who like to remove the Blue Ray out of  the PS3 and go Digital Copy, it's a deal !!! :) Dont miss it , few hours left...
  15. @supravoxall‌  Santa heard you, it's on a Flash sale at PSN Store this weekend for PS3. Can't see the price as I already bought digital copy in the past but it must be dirt cheap as I just paid a second copy of  Grid Autosport for about $12.99... Don't miss that chance ! See you on the track ;)