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  1. haydn23

    F1 2019 Clip

    Yeah if you actually look it's quite clearly 1. A toro rosso, with the new steering wheel 2. Has shiny tires 4. Has a different hud and if you listen that is quite clearly a Honda engine, and for it to be a Honda engine with that steering wheel it has to be 2019.
  2. haydn23

    F1 2019 Clip

    Do I need to say much else I know some ppl like to see this stuff
  3. Signed up! Third time now, hopefully.
  4. haydn23

    Post your Desktop!

    For the guy who hates cluttered desktops. And the guy who loves chrome. I'm all of them in one. https://imgur.com/GTLFP6E
  5. haydn23

    F1 2013 Overtakes Of The Week

    There's this thing called league racing that you've clearly never heard of or done
  6. haydn23

    Split screen player configuration

    Do you have the game installed through steam?