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  1. alex1994128

    Qualifying Tires

    issue is that the tyres are way too worn after quali, because scaling is active in quali aswell
  2. alex1994128

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    issue is that its not notmal to start on 30% worn tyres around tracks like china or france, to have multiple strategies in 50% races we need the starting tyres not be half worn by the start already
  3. alex1994128

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    this needs fixing ASAP @Faya
  4. The title is self explanatory, the tyre wear in qualifying is scaled, leading to 50% races and shorter becoming one shot qualis on the harder tyres for the most races. To have strategic flexibility and agressive qualifyings we need the unscaled default tyre wear in qualifying for every single race length
  5. So i am racing in two leagues and in 40 league races combined i have seen one safety car and a couple of VSC's, despite eg. in AOR PS4 F1 mexico 4 cars being destroyed after a mass crash into T1, and seeing crashes+debris at pretty much half of the races. The current safety car deployement rate is absolutely broken and the patch it was adressed in has made it actually worse. Please have the same deployement rate as in F1 2016, there is was pretty much perfect and the features itself are working so no reason for them so come out so rarely. @jennyannem @Faya @DanHawk1ns
  6. alex1994128

    Renault Megane RX is too OP

    I did some runninng in Hell and Catalunya and the Renault Megane is the equivalent of the Seat Ibiza in Dirt 4, in Catalunya i was about a second faster in the Megane then in the VW Polo, the leaderboards are already dominated with this car and in my opinion it handles a lot easier then all the other cars, which gives you an exploit in single and multiplayer. Also its not realisitc at all that the Megane is turning circles around any other car
  7. alex1994128

    Show Off Your Replays

  8. alex1994128

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Pure Video Thread

    PS4 Pro, Thrustmaster T-GT, no assists
  9. alex1994128

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    got the game today and while the gameplay is an absolute blast with the sound graphics, physics being spot on with many cars and especially RX the forced online connection and the removal of the league online mode leaves a bitter aftertasts, i really hope the league mode from DR1 and D4 will get patched into the game ASAP. Also i'd love to know what setups some of you experienced guys use 🙂
  10. Seeing the S1 contents and assuming that S2 will be RX focused i think for the additional 30 euros (20 to the UVP but its 30 really) two seasons of content is a bit thin, especially as in S1 most of it is recycled content so it would be cool to know if ater S2 the deluxe edition owners still will get the new DLC.
  11. alex1994128

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I personally think except of the obvious toyota and hyundai omissions two massive cars bringing into the game alongside the 2001 impreza would be the xsara wrc and the peugeot 206, with the 2001 focus we'd have a very good early 00's wrc class, also with citroens and peugeots being in the game this should be hopefully possible 🙂