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  1. Wot platform? I'm on ps3 get this loads very recently. And I'm sure my internet is fine. It's doing everything else ok
  2. The rose tints in the glasses of the grid1 fans just doesn't fade does it. Yes was ok game but compared to autosport the handling is too easy and the colours are annoying. Evolve people. It only had such a huge community out of convenience because of the choice at the time. We just need a new Autosport with all those niggles ironed out. Text chat, spectate more tracks etc. Autosport is fantastic and I find full lobbies public and custom day or night most of the time on ps3. It was just bad timing because of next gen and not very long lasting support. Get over it, Grid wasn't all that it just h
  3. Not til at least mid next year I imagine. They'll need time to perfect the next gen capabilities and iron out the issues first. I'd happily wait for it  
  4. Yep as I said, not many in the top 15 to 20 without it. Hope it's a goody tomorrow. I do enjoy the challenges
  5. Yes, a driver can crash lose a wing and a tyre then flash back and be fine but to you still see the damage. Weird glitch
  6. I know what u mean Rta but I'm top 20 still without a ride so I'll leave it there with my dignity and be happy with my top 5 street too. But admittedly I probably would wall ride in the comp for prizes if it was the only way I could win one. 
  7. Street challenge is good. Nowhere to cur there. 
  8. Camron add me on ps3. Name is as it reads here, no caps. Maybe you can teach me how to be faster. I never see you in online playlist tho
  9. I'm sure I could go faster, I only had 2 tries. I was so vexed about the wall riding ghost I was following that I got that time without really noticing at first. Just thought that will do. I rarely see anyone get into 2,15 in a race. Even when the leader has clear track and I know they're a fast driver. I'm gonna look at a few more ghosts later and see. I'm down to 12th or something now. Might try go for a faster time myself
  10. What do u mean? Challenges or points leaderboards. Because there's wall riders a plenty in mount panorama this week. I'm top ten ps3 at the mo 2,15.8 which I think is pretty good without a wall ride, it's my PB I think. I've followed some ghosts and know for sure most above me are wall riders. I know, it's in the game blah blah so it's allowed. I get that but if people doing it then think that makes them good, then that is sad in my opinion. 
  11. I'm bloody miles off but I'm beating all my teammates 76830 feet
  12. I love a restart, the competitiveness of trying to get up the leaderboards or beat a few club mates is what keeps me going. I love to compete online against real people in playlist or challenges. Single player for me gets boring sometimes. Sure at times it gets frustrating but it would be boring if it was easy eh
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