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  1. Hill0 said:
    This to me is best F1 game ever. I've been playing it since release date. Everything about it is great, I know some people say it's got glitches but I haven't noticed anything bad. Carear mode brilliant idea, can't wait to see what Codemasters come up with next year. Thanks Codemasters for making classic formula 1 game.
    Guess you haven’t played multiplayer 

  2. Yesterday, we were doing a 50% round Silverstone. A safety car came out but there was a glitch where it seems penalties were turned off. We could have sped under the safety car, overtake it if we like. But this meant we could do a proper manual restart. It was amazing!

    The automatic restart causes way more problems than it solves. Haven't got a clue why there isn't more manulised stuff in the game. Such as Restarts, formation laps or controlling your entire car down the pitlane.

    Proof: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ItsKingsley25/video/36062514