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  1. The oval never passed over the second chicane. There was a bridge/gantry that has been gone for the past two years now. Surprisingly one of the few things that is accurate about Monza, though...
  2. Yeah, just had this issue during a 25% race at Montreal as well. Disqualified for not running two compounds despite starting on mediums and going soft at the stop. Very frustrating.
  3. It is very rare that a car will have two lines of symmetry in regards to setup. Suspension balance will need to differ because the loads and jobs of each end of the car are completely different. The actual aero balance in single seaters is most often biased towards the rear (usually around 38% to 46% front aero balance, depending on car and series) but the adjustments mean that the front is a finer adjustment than the rear, which often leads to it having higher values. The differential needs to do completely different jobs on and off throttle - what's the point of a LSD if you don't take advan
  4. There is an irony in someone using iRacing's old hybrid model as an example of realism when it's been changed a dozen times since with its own exploits and flaws. iRacing's fixed and adaptive modes have since been replaced with a manual and automatic trim control with an additional qualifying mode. The trim control better represents how energy is deployed in these cars but it's still a compromise for not being able to properly map the track. Automatic "learns" the track similar to the changes for 2020 and automatically controls the trim, but Manual in iRacing always ends up being set to m
  5. Might have been asked already, but going through the entire thread to find that one answer seems... a bit loony, to say the least. haha. It's a bit of a weird one, but is there any chance of you doing an option to have yourself as a co-driver @KickUp ? It would add a feel of consistency from DiRT Rally for me personally and I personally feel you're one of the best co-drivers we've had in a rally game. Nothing against Nicky Grist, of course, though! If it's too late in the development cycle or it's just not something you'd want to do, that's grand too, but I don't think it's too far fetched a
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