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  1. amphobius

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    It's not just the bus stop at Spa that needs improved... it's all of Spa that needs to be put in the bin and started fresh.
  2. amphobius

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    There is an irony in someone using iRacing's old hybrid model as an example of realism when it's been changed a dozen times since with its own exploits and flaws. iRacing's fixed and adaptive modes have since been replaced with a manual and automatic trim control with an additional qualifying mode. The trim control better represents how energy is deployed in these cars but it's still a compromise for not being able to properly map the track. Automatic "learns" the track similar to the changes for 2020 and automatically controls the trim, but Manual in iRacing always ends up being set to minimum trim with just spamming the boost button instead. (This is how the more relevant to iRacing LMP1 meta ended out as, too). Nonetheless it is still a compromise on how the modes on these cars are actually setup - the energy deployment is mapped to the track, and the only control the driver has are modes to bias towards harvesting or deploying more, or a neutral mode that aims to reach a target SOC per lap, with the engine modes making more of a difference -- the only special one is the quali mode that is full power and dumping as much energy as you can in the lap.
  3. Maybe by 2025 there'll actually be a virtual mirror in the game
  4. amphobius

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    It shouldn't have taken literally 4 months to get an option to disable the mid-season transfers (or AI transfers outright). 🤣 Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to actually have the ability to play the game I bought in June now the way I'd like, but it's a bit like congratulating someone for buying you sugar from the shop... that you asked for two weeks ago. It's a bit late for it now.
  5. amphobius

    Time to update Spa Francorchamps

    Here's a comparison of Codies' Spa to the laser scanned version in iRacing. Ignore the kerbs, they're the least of the issues - the track is fundamentally wrong layoutwise. https://streamable.com/oyjs1 If people making mods for Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 can build high quality accurate tracks using public LIDAR data and offer those for free, Codemasters has no excuse.
  6. amphobius

    This is how ERS should work like in real life

    If anyone's wondering how simple it actually is irl.. The list of strat modes in the Mercedes. A mode that's used for purely recharging, a quali mode, and then three race modes -- one that targets low HYS usage for recharging, one that targets high HYS usage for attacking and a standard mode that aims to sustain a charge over many laps. There are three versions of these each for what we could like to fuel mixture. The modes are mapped so the drivers don't need to change every corner, and instead just set it if they need to charge the battery more or attack more... it's a lot simpler than it is in game.
  7. amphobius

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    You know, with Codies outright ignoring people regarding adding a virtual mirror, never updating their tracks meaning there is still that god-awful version of Spa and launching with the wrong pit entry at Paul Ricard, launching with the wrong car performance values, the frankly terribly implemented F2 into the career (I definitely would have liked the option for a full F2 season rather than this Eastenders bs) among many other things, and now learning that this frankly annoying feature isn't even optional... I think I'm gonna pass this year. Someone else should be making these games. Codies do nothing but squander the license.
  8. amphobius

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Might have been asked already, but going through the entire thread to find that one answer seems... a bit loony, to say the least. haha. It's a bit of a weird one, but is there any chance of you doing an option to have yourself as a co-driver @KickUp ? It would add a feel of consistency from DiRT Rally for me personally and I personally feel you're one of the best co-drivers we've had in a rally game. Nothing against Nicky Grist, of course, though! If it's too late in the development cycle or it's just not something you'd want to do, that's grand too, but I don't think it's too far fetched a question. :smile: