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    Hi! I have just uploaded a video with some settings for the onboard TV cam. I tried to get as close as possible to what we see on the official TV broadcast. Hope you like it!! https://youtu.be/0OdoTS33_uE
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    Problem with the HUD in F1 2020

    Hi! This issue has been present in almost every F1 game from Codemasters. I don't understand why we cannot have the option to make the names in the position table convert to abbreviations (Why do we need to write our own abbreviations when starting a career then?). It is quite uncomfortable to see how much space it takes just to show nothing at all. This year we are going to get, finally, a real time gap between the drivers in front and behind (plus adding two more driver slots, although we should have the option to have all the 20 driver's list). Please, consider to quit this empty space to make the HUD a more clean, useful and beautiful tool for the player. At least bring the option to customize it. You have said before that the reason we didn't have the complete driver's list was because of the lack of space. Yet, you give us an enormous HUD which is not even used for anything. Right now, we could have the BEST HUD ever, if we just had the chance to fix it. Sorry if my words sound harsh. That is not my intention. I like everything we have seen of the game, but there are still some details (such as this one) that are so simple and easy to notice, and could be great improvements if done well. Thanks.