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  1. Please check your spam and/or ad folders. My selection mail was in the ad folder. (Googlemail)
  2. Dude, read again what I've said. It's not that I intended to offend any non-native English person, neither am I. The intention behind my post is that I, personally, feel that Codemasters should also focus, when choosing Beta-testers, on the ability of speaking English. The more precise you can be, the better it is for Codemasters to understand your feedback and problems with the given game. I agree with you saying: "F1 is worldwide. Not just for English speaking know-it-all. Otherwise Codemasters F1 would be in pure English. This forum is for everyone." This is the intention behind a forum, to connect people worldwide. The thing is, as I've stated earlier, if you're not in the position to speak English properly, you shouldn't be a beta-tester. As it really gives kind of a barrier in communication and making your feedback less quality, which would negatively impact the development of the game. It's like a job-interview for a company with huge international connections where you need to be in the position to communicate with your partners and if you're not able to talk in a proper way, it hinders the success of your company. By testing the official F1 game you have a huge responsibility, because Formula 1 is worldwide, as you said yourself. I hope you understand this clarification of my opinion!
  3. If you need Google-Translate in order to express your own thoughts and translate the ones from the others, I'm really questioning myself if it'd be useful for Codies to choose you. I mean, it's an English company which relies on the precise feedback of the Beta testers and if they can't understand you in what you're saying, it may not be the best idea to choose guys like you. Please don't take it personal, just my thoughts about the ability of giving helpful feedback.