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  1. Yup, can confirm!😉 Mails will be out when every tester has access to the beta forum, if I understood it correctly! But this may take some time, maybe until of tomorrow or so
  2. We just got confirmation that both, Hubert and Correa, will be avaliable in MyTeam! https://www.racefans.net/2020/05/15/codemasters-given-approval-to-continue-using-huberts-likeness-in-f1-2020/
  3. More at the game, IRL the drivers do use two sets of fresh options in qualifying. In the game we have only one option tyre and one prime. Yeah of course, drivers like DEV, LAT, SET, GHI, and so on. But sometimes we have also surprising results IRL, when for example the above mentioned drivers can only qualify in the midfield and a normal midfield driver, like e.g in the game Zhou or Hubert, may get a pole or podiums. And I feel like the game lacks those "surprising results" a bit, it is never mixed up, you can divide the field into three or four groups and you can always say th
  4. Check the 2nd sentence in the attachment, that is what I said in the post above.
  5. And talking about such rules, the formation lap is also sth minor to take a look at. I don't really know the specific paragraph in the rules, but under 'formulation lap' you will find a rule which states that all cars are required to be driving with pit limiter activated until they have past the pole position. Would be cool to see this being implemented! It's obviously sth minor, but just gives a tad more realism.
  6. Yeah I agree, F2 needs a bit more work, obviously it is more like side-feature, but still I mostly agree with @Currriss and @Falstojudilofa. I love watching F2, honestly maybe even more than F1 in terms of exciteness. There are a lot of things which make this game mode a bit dull. Such 'simple' things like, as Currriss said, strategy and tyre choices. In terms of strategy, we need to see a lot more variation in terms of alternate strategy ofc and also when the AI pits, it's mostly only two laps in which all drivers do their stop. Also we should have different levels of tyre saving in the
  7. Yeah I'd love, or better really appreciate, it if his car can be viewed in the showroom with him standing next to the car. Would definitely be a lovely touch! And on-track and in the game modes we'd then have Markelov.
  8. I just had little thought about Formula 2 in the new game. When it comes to MyTeam we will be able to sign F2-drivers, but as only the 2019 F2 content is avaliable at release. Is Anthoine Hubert still in the game and, if so, is he avaliable to be signed? I could also imagine Markelov replacing him in this game, which obviosly would be a bit sad, but totally acceptable! Also, many F2 drivers are in a F1 academy or have a reserve/test driver role at a team, is this important when trying to sign such drivers or is it ignored?
  9. Yeah definitely, with upgrading the cars and having limited PU elements etc, would be great! But idk if this is "incredibly challenging" to implement, I mean the basics of that are already in the game. But obviously I am no good in coding, so I might be wrong!
  10. Oh man, that was sooo unfortunate for you! I think it will be, as I don't think that Butler and Weber will be in the game as now all F2 drivers can go to F1. I might be wrong tho!
  11. Yes! F2 ist necessary before going into F1. But you can choose the length of your F2 campaign, you got three options: only three races, 50% of the calender (~12 races) or the complete calender with 24 races. Idk if this applies for both career modes though!
  12. Yeah confuses me too. Like in the Zandvoort video, there was Heineken, but in the Barcelona one there wasn't. Obviously track dependent, but in the screenshot of you there is Heineken and I think in the Hotlap it is FlyEmirates. Anyway, will see!👀 But would be amazing as a passionate beer drinker to have Heineken in the game
  13. I'd love to have the GP2/11 (the old GP2/F2 car) in the game. Personally, I really do think this car is so iconic. Many current F1 drivers drove that car back in the days, also may be a nice touch to Jules Bianchi, who won the first GP2 race in that car. The car itself is an absolute unit IRL. Unbelievably fast on the straights, great cornering after initial understeer, no power steering, V8 engine. Maaaan, I want to drive it so, so badly
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