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  1. Season 12 is coming  come and sign up now.
  2. PC's have been using 64bit systems/CPU's if they had made F1 just for PC's we could ahve been using a 64bit version a long time ago, but as always consoles hold back the PC side of things.
  3. I thought 64bit was next-gen...?, and I don't mean that in a 'funny' way... I haven't used a 32bit system since Windows XP! Consoles are not nextgen they are always going to be oldgen compared to PC's, windows 7 comes in 32 or 64 bit so does windows 8.
  4. MINIMUM PC SPECS: - OS: 64 Bit Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Is that correct? what about those still using 32 bit?
  5. Is it possible on console? I don't think so.  What's a console? :)
  6. Telemetry is in the game you just need a third party app to use it.
  7. We still have a few places open for new drivers.
  8. I could answers most those for you and I bet I would be correct on them all. :)
  9. @justbiglee why no mention of  in-game voice commands for PC?
  10. Season 11 has just finished, anyone wishing to join for season 12 can do so now.
  11. Make no sense why hes screaming so loud not to have online practise, it's not like we will get it anyway.
  12. - extra strain on the servers, what strain you can have a max of 16 drivers with the amount of data that is passed between server and client that is no way going to be an issue, we have a Arma 3 plus Teamspeak plus Assetto Corsa all running fine on one server no strain no issues. - setups never change regardless of on/offline grip or weather conditions, they do for wheel users. - other drivers in your way, that's racing pal. - you're not racing or qualifying, that's why it's called practise DURR. - social races in leagues become pointless, maybe in AOR LOL - lobbies are never full, so? - too m
  13. Read this thread: F1 2015 ANNOUNCEMENT 12/03/15 - 29 Page 2 of this forum section, it will give you the information. I won't answer any questions about it for fear of reprisals. 11 days to go for you to prove it was not all bullpoo, which it probably is.
  14.  The next F1 feels so good on track, it looks amazing and even in the early builds there are moments of utter brilliance. Videos, blog posts livestreams etc will never fully get that feeling of playing it across so its more a case of waiting until you have it in your hands. T That's why we have so many issues with codies, nearly every other game producer will inform their potential customs along the way of game features, publish screenshots and video's, for some unexplainable reason codies thinks it needs to be kept top secret, why is that? You need to better engage with the
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