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  1. babaluk

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    GRID, GRID2, GRID Autosport, DiRT, DiRt2, DiRT3, DiRT4, DiRT Rally, DiRT Rally 2.0. What do all these titles have in common? No AI in online multiplayer lobbies and they all feature CUSTOM PUBLIC LOBBIES. Why is this all of a sudden a huge problem to implement in the newest title GRID 2019? The players who have played the older titles expected this latest GRID to at least have the basic multiplayer setup of all the previous 9 titles. If cm wanted to release a title without these features they should have let their customers know. This lack of basic features has killed off future sales of cm titles and destroyed the player base of the current game. I am writing this as someone who has always been a huge fan of cm titles. I've played them all.
  2. If cm simply removed ai from quickmatch we would have some great racing sessions. They did this on DR 2.0 within the first month. My theory is that they are all hands on deck for the stadia launch. I suspect they will come back to the xbox/ps/pc versions and update the multiplayer to remove ai at least. The entire community is yelling at them to remove ai in every post on all social media and in this forum. They certainly know where we stand. And they can look at the number of players online and see no one is playing. For now, I'll see you all on NFS. Hoping they add pvp soon too! These devs are really disappointing lately.
  3. babaluk

    AI in Mutilplayer

    Agree 100%. Multiplayer means multiple "players" (not ai). I spent $85 on a game from a developer that has always had multiplayer that does NOT include ai in their games. The expectation in GRID 2019 is that the public multiplayer would NOT have ai and also include things like custom public lobbies (like all GRID and DiRT titles in the past). If this isn't sorted soon we should all get a refund. I have played every GRID and DiRT game made. This is likely my last codemasters title.
  4. babaluk

    Game won't start after update

    They killed GRID. It was bad enough with the ridiculous multiplayer. Now it is a "noplayer" game. Doesn't run on my xbox one X
  5. babaluk

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    Chris I know you know this and it has been logged. But I'll repeat it again for this thread and anyone reading: Please remove ai from quickmatch. That is the biggest problem by far with the game. It is not only killing off the online community of players that have purchased the game but also causing potential customers to avoid this title. No one wants to see that. This is a must have fix as soon as possible. It should never have released like this. You cannot have multiplayer without players. The usual CM custom public lobbies are also sorely needed so players can play what they want. Same as every previous GRID and DiRT title. Thanks again. ps. Once decent online is implemented we need cross play. Xbox, PS4, PC and Stadia! More players = more longevity = more $$ = selling future titles too! If the game stays as is it will die and CM will lose even hardcore GRID fans for good. It has been hugely disappointing so far.
  6. I came in 1st by a wide margin. I ended up 8th because 7 ai drivers had negative lap times. 🤦‍♂️ This was an online quickmatch btw.
  7. babaluk

    Club: GRID 2019 Online Homies

    welcome to the club. invite sent.
  8. babaluk

    Club: GRID 2019 Online Homies

    Join up! The sole purpose is for players to easily find one another and invite to quickmatches. Once a lobby gets around 6 players it gets interesting. The more human players, the better the racing is and the less bothersome the ai is. Club name: GRID 2019 Online Homies Join up and invite others who race online quickmatches.
  9. The first image was taken this week from a GRID2 lobby. 9 players and no ai. This game is 5 years old The second image was also taken this week. GRID 2019. This game is 7 days old. No lobbies available. We see this screen most of the time. Note: I did manage to get in some lobbies on GRID 2019. The lobbies were around 4 players and loaded with ai who routinely ruin each race. Disappointing that nothing is being done or talked about by Codemasters.
  10. babaluk

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    I would definitely theorize that CM decided to step on the gas and hit the forza window once they realized there would be no forza this year. They had to at least hit the market by October due to the upcoming NFS title. And it is highly likely that multiplayer gaming is not as important as single player so the lobby options didnt materialize. It would be very helpful for all involved (players, potential customers and devs) if cm would openly discuss plans for immediate fixes such as removing ai from quickmatch or possibly establishing custom public lobbies and a car class playlist system. To be completely honest I would have rather seen this game take another 6 months and come out with proper multiplayer. It likely would have sold more copies (even without cross platform) and kept more player base.
  11. babaluk

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Got it. PC stats. I'd be interested to see the Xbox and PS4 stats. Is this only the players "online" racing or any player playing the game, single player included for PC? CM had a huge opportunity with GRID to go cross platform and provide a multiplayer experience that had at least all the options that were presented in GRID2 and GRID Autosport (custom lobbies, choose car class, track, etc). Instead the game only has one public mode. Quickmatch with ai. No one wants this.
  12. babaluk

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    What platform? Link? Curious.
  13. I like the idea that any player selecting "quickmatch" ends up in a user created custom public lobby. Perfect!! 👍🤟
  14. babaluk

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Hi Chris, I am a huge codies racing fan. I've played all GRIDs and DiRTs ever. The multiplayer and the car physics have always been the most important features for me. Codies know how to make this happen. Except for GRID 2019 so far. We are all hopeful this is fixed asap and that GRID 2019 does well! I can speak for 99% of players: 1. Eliminate ai from quickmatch 2. Add custom public lobby system like we had in prior GRIDs and/or the most recent DiRT games. Add a feature for the host to "label" their lobby so incoming players will know what the lobby is about (ie: touring cars, no assists).
  15. I hosted a few private lobbies and had similar issues. What a mess. Quickmatch is currently doing nothing as well. I'm also a long time GRID / DiRT fan. Sad.