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  1. I’ve just received the new fanatec DD pro, but when trying it on f1 2021 PS5 version it didn’t work. Does anyone know why this is and how I can use my wheel on the ps5 version? I tried it on f1 2021 ps4 version and there it works fine. Does anyone why it works on the ps4 version and not on the ps5 version?
  2. I don’t agree at all. I’ve been using no ABS since F1 2017 and evey game till F1 2021 I’ve been faster than almost every ABS user. But in this game it’s very much noticeable that slower drivers who are using ABS came closer in pace or are even faster now than me. So no your statement is wrong.
  3. In my opinion racing without any assists should be faster than using any sort of assist, but in F1 2021 ABS is way too overpowered. While using ABS you can gain like 3-5 tenths per lap on people who are using no ABS. In my opinion this has to be tweaked and ABS should be much slower. If you have a look at the Time trial leaderboards you can see it as well. Most people in the top 100 are using ABS.
  4. I’m planning to buy a ultra wide monitor with a screen of 21:9. Does f1 2021 on the ps5 support this, without having black boxes on both side of the screen? edit: does anyone have any experience with playing f1 on a ultra-wide on the ps5/ps4? thnx!
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