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  1. MarcinRyba

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    What are you smoking? Braking from 340km/h in 100m is humanly and technically impossible. I am no physicist but use your imagination sometimes.
  2. MarcinRyba

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    yikes if thats 100 to you..
  3. Performance fixes are quite poor, Haas better than McLaren, Racing Point better than Renault, Toro Rosso better than Alfa Romeo, like since when? Improving braking to reduce lap time is propably the worst of options, you can comfortably brake on 100m mark into T1 on Monza. Fix this
  4. MarcinRyba

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Transfers since day one are at least not realistic. That was predictable because its first year of this feature so it will see some fixes. After a few seasons at current state we see hell a lot changes and most of them are not so good from logical perspective (championship contender switching to midfield team). I hope it will be fixed asap, but I think there is another thing that could be done like new drivers. They could be named like AI in those challenge mode and their main role would be replacing retiring drivers. For example Kimi retires before 3rd season and new driver (generated by game or real driver from F2) replaces him. Same thing would happen later to Hamilton, Vettel etc. I think that would make career more interesting than going round n round with same drivers and seeing in 6th season Hamilton driving for ToroRosso