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  1. andaya said: Many thanks for the info...with Racenet tracking your career/online activity I was hoping I wouldn't lose my progress going to PC from PS3 but I'm not surprised that this isn't the case. No big hardship as I'm quite looking forward to playing on the PC with its prettier graphics but would have been nice to pick up where I left off. Thanks again!   :)
  2. I currently play on PS3 and am considering buying the PC version from Steam...if I have both of my PS3 and Steam accounts linked in Racenet does this mean my online/career progress is shared between both PS3 and PC versions or are they entirely seperate?
  3. I don't mind the AI so much...I'm sick of seeing games like GT6 where the AI runs on rails so Grid is a breath of fresh air for me.  The only place where I feel the AI is out of place is within the Racenet challenges simply because their breaking points are way too early so I'm always banging into the back of them. I don't really find them overly aggressive as their blocking tendencies can be used against them to manoeuvre them off the racing line but it is rather sad seeing them all crash into each other at the first turn in this weeks open wheel challenge EVERY SINGLE race.  I woul
  4. I do struggle with the notion that the boost pack and garage slots are considered 'content'...bit of a stretch in my opinion. But, hey ho, it is what it is...I am looking forward the other 6 content packs when they arrive.
  5. Boost Pack on PSN UK is now showing as free for me. Thanks to CM for sorting this.
  6. Votes should be restricted to one vote every 15 minutes or so.  People would then save their vote for when its actually needed.
  7. I am, PS3 user with the season pass and I have to buy the boost pack from PSN UK rather than have it available as a download. Also...what alvaritoteam said! :)
  8. I'm on PS3, purchased the season pass last week when I bought the game but the UK PSN store is asking for £2.49 for the boost pack.  Are other PS3 users having this problem?
  9. Can I ask if you intend to publish the car/track combinations of the playlists to a wiki or on this forum in a similar format as above?  I've been putting together these car/track combinations by lobby hopping and noting down what races come up as I want to practice the tracks with the appropriate cars. I'm sure you'll appreciate this is very time consuming and is quickly out of date when updates from Codemasters are applied.  This would be very useful information for the community especially for those who want to practice their laps and car setups offline.
  10. I've only recently got a G27 and am still getting used to it so at the moment I'm quicker on the controller.  I've had a couple of days with it and I'm not really getting close to my controller times yet but I have done some subtle manoeuvres that I don't believe I could have done with a controller. I only hope I get quicker with a bit more practice...I do find it more fun with a wheel.
  11. Have added Street Racing and Endurance to the list (see first 2 posts).  I know this isn't all of them but it gets time consuming hopping from lobby to lobby trying to get the last few races.  If anyone knows the races missed then please let me know and I'll add otherwise I'll update through normal racing when I spot them.
  12. Thanks for the extra info :) I was definitely getting into diminishing returns when hopping lobbies trying to find out the last few so any extra information is great.
  13. Wired is preferable but if its not possible then... ...I play on PS3 (not sure what system you're on) but if it is PS3 it may be worth putting it into the DMZ on your router.  This will effectively give you a direct connection to the internet bypassing your routers firewall giving a faster connection.  DO NOT do this if you are a PC user (I'm not sure about XBox) as your PC will be vulnerable to hacks/viruses etc. Not everyone is happy putting the PS3 in DMZ so if you're not comfortable with this then at least look at the following link and update the TCP/UDP ports on your router so
  14. Lists continued from first post: Category Car Class Circuit Circuit Layout Endurance Ford GT40 Cup Circuit of the Americas Club Circuit Endurance Ford GT40 Cup Circuit Mont Tremblant South Loop Reversed Endurance Ford GT40 Cup Brands Hatch Indy Circuit Endurance GT Group 1 Sepang International Circuit North Circuit Endurance GT Group 1 Autodromo Do Algarve GP Circuit Endurance GT Group 1 Spa-Francorchamps GP Circuit Reversed Endurance GT Group 1
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