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  1. In the midst of a league race, this has never happened to me before in other games so I know it was the particular games issue - the game kicked me out of the lobby and stated "lost connection to xbox live" when I in fact didnt. When rejoining I was able to select my car to hop back in, however shortly after the camera switched to a different perspective of another car and I was not able to see my pov despite having control of my car. This has happened on numerous occasions to me and many others XB1 1.09 Unranked Happens on both wired and wireless 16 however this has happened with anywhere from 15-20 Not the host This issue can sometimes happen to just one, or it can sometimes affect numerous people. It is seemingly random. I am not sure how exactly to repeat it as it literally only happens sometimes. There is no static variable that causes it. Once you get the "kicked out of xbox live" glitch and try to rejoin, this will happen on some occasions. Also the lovely framerate glitch that was seemingly added in 1.09 I will add on both the report code and the video once I'm back online.
  2. Beastnumber2

    Game crashing when going into MyTeam Race

    Thank you so much mate, fixed
  3. Beastnumber2

    Game crashing when going into MyTeam Race

    I'll have to unequip and try once it reinstalls. Will update when done, cheers
  4. Beastnumber2

    Game crashing when going into MyTeam Race

    Ah mate, I do have the Schumacher race suit on. Will try again. Never would have thought that
  5. SYSTEM: Original Xbox One 1. When going into the first race of my MyTeam career mode, during loading, the game promptly dashboards. No error messages, nothing. 2. Version 1.01 3. MyTeam career mode 4. I have attempted to load in 7 times now. To encounter the same error, finish the practice and qualifying sessions which were fine for me. Then start the load in to the race session. As shown in video, the game seems to load. Then crashes. 5. To attempt a fix I have hard reset my xbox, restarted it, and reset the game. However when it dashboards it already completely resets the game 6. Video attached On a side note, I really hope there is a fix for this. I really enjoyed the game thus far. I got the schumi edition just to play early, and was excited to get into my first race but now I cant progress. I should note that entering races in grand prix mode works fine. Others have encountered the exact same crash. Please reply asap so I can actually utilize the time I have off of work. Thank you. Snapchat-22044122.mp4