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  1. Only the first time i set was uploaded,during racing i get disconnected from racenet and after 5sec reconnect. When i stop and go to main menu the game connect to racenet to upload time. But i cannot see my fastest time.
  2. Why is there no upload to racenet when i improve my time in an event. It say's time uploaded but when i look time is not there
  3. Why isn't the game named Demolition Derby de luxe. The behavior of the AI cars is so bad that CM is forcing people to cheat. Just take the street challenge Underpass this week,you even can reach the first corner whitout getting hit by several cars. I did the same track in time trail and got an time faster than platinum time .
  4. Every time CM come,s whit a new game there is trouble whit either keybords wheels or gamepads. They Always put an finger to the producer. WRONG CM if you test your CRAP before relase it then whe can play,and you do not have an forum of 1000 pages. Or do you copy the behavior of microsoft New OS New Computer
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