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  1. kraM1t

    Why no full OSD in cockpit view

    Yup they added it in Dirt 2.0 after user request. Unfortunately the F1 team are different to the DiRT team and don't take this stuff onboard, as a correct FOV user I've been asking for it since 2015, falls on deaf ears.
  2. kraM1t

    Prlblems of the F1 2019 in the PC

    DX12 has worked perfect for me, GTX 970
  3. kraM1t

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    Oh really? https://streamable.com/p0tjt I recorded this personally with F1 2018 when Codemasters leaked a Denuvo free .exe on the free weekend. Same thing with map loading/cutscenes/career mode transitions and general micro stutter as Denuvo does it's thing in the background. The DRM-free exe is about 12MB, the Denuvo version is nearly 200MB, SO MUCH BLOATWARE ****
  4. The nose on that Merc, I know it's not the final model, my god that's an ugly nose for a Merc lol