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  1. kraM1t

    F1 2020 Denuvo

  2. kraM1t

    F1 2020 Denuvo

    It got bypassed actually using Goldberg Emu, when will devs realise the people who pirate it wouldn't have bought it anyway. They're wasting hundreds of thousands of £ for a DRM that increases load times by a factor of 2, punishing their paying customers. Remember when they left the Denuvo free DRM in the free weekend with F1 2018? I grabbed that and swapped it with my legit version, it was infinitely faster. Here's the side by side comparison I did. https://streamable.com/p0tjt
  3. kraM1t

    What F1 2020 desperately needs

    Listen to this guy please.
  4. Xbox One controller trigger haptic vibration sometimes does not work in the DX12 version of the game. Restarting the game multiple times makes it come back. Game version is from release up to latest this has been happening (1.18.2). Happens in all game modes until game is restarted multiple times until it randomly works (you can tell as the menu for Haptic Trigger vibration is greyed out) A video of it would just be me restarting the game multiple times until that part of the menu becomes accessible, when that works then it also works out on track. The regular controller vibration always works, but not the haptic triggers. Nothing happened in the lead up, you open the game and it either works or it doesn't. The DX11 version does not suffer this issue from my testing.
  5. It takes like 3 or 4 restarts of the game to make it work in DX12, it will just randomly be grey'd out in the options and not work in-game. Starting the game in DX11 works every time but this API has stutters. I gather it won't get fixed as updates have stopped but ye. Xbox One Controller Windows 10 i5 4690 GTX 970, latest drivers
  6. kraM1t

    PC Xbox Crossplay

    Not possible sorry, Codemasters don't care
  7. kraM1t

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    I race 105 AI on the wheel on and 103 on the pad, I tend to use pad more often though, it's less consistent but I like the cheating trigger rumble for braking and wheelspin on the Xbox One controller, no assists
  8. Games broken in many ways, don't expect acknowledgement from Codemasters, they're the type to not admit to mistakes but ignore them. I gave up on Career I'm just doing GP mode with Lando, way less problematic compared to broken Career.
  9. kraM1t

    Optimum tyre temps

    Slicks will be 100c like in Time Trial, Wets I can't remember but I think it was like 72c
  10. Singapore is by far the biggest offender, @104 difficulty I went from matching teammate pace in the dry to actually being lapped by the leader in a full wet race 50%. About 3 seconds per lap slower than teammate and I'm pretty fast in the wet usually, It's horribly broken on that track, we'll see on others...
  11. kraM1t

    Why no full OSD in cockpit view

    Yup they added it in Dirt 2.0 after user request. Unfortunately the F1 team are different to the DiRT team and don't take this stuff onboard, as a correct FOV user I've been asking for it since 2015, falls on deaf ears.
  12. kraM1t

    Prlblems of the F1 2019 in the PC

    DX12 has worked perfect for me, GTX 970
  13. The nose on that Merc, I know it's not the final model, my god that's an ugly nose for a Merc lol
  14. Will you guys ever fix the ridiculous unrealistic setups that are much faster? Like.. 2/10 wings, 11 ballast, minimum camber etc... I know you guys aren't simulating the car to the detail of rF2/AC but come on, these setups are a joke and they're actually faster than running a more realistic one.