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  1. well you could do that in a bumbercar ;)
  2. hmmm.. kind of got me there... perhaps i should go and try manual for once ;) but still if there was a way to get them separated i would be glad
  3. Im sick and tired of braking and turning the OTHER WAY that i need to go just because im braking/reversing on the same key...
  4. How many would like brake AND reverse to have separate keybindings??
  5. Patch is out and it WORKS REALLY GOOD... and that's not a lie
  6. When are we going to get that fix?? today, tomorrow... Never?? hehe... just a little bit impatient...   just do a good job 
  7. well in that case they should be releasing it soon as more ppl get corrupted saves after the patch on july 3rd 2014
  8. well... i am... ok... WAS lvl 72 until my game got corrupted so yea im PISSED... 84 hours of playing out with the drain... now let's when they get a new patch out and see if it helps us... but maybe it helps us but corrupts someone elses game and so on and so on...   paid enough money for this game and now this??and what do you mean with work on my personal statistics?? online / Offline?? all i want is my game to work at 112% but maybe that's only toyota that are able to do that!!!  ;)
  9. Why does every gamepublisher/gamewriter NOT try out the patches they make for games... now im having corrupted savegame AFTER the patch that should have fixed it... thanks a F***ing lot CM!!!! Only able to create a new game and start all f***ing over...   hoooorrraaaaah for that!!!!   NOT!!! Will you be doing a NEW PATCH ANYTIME SOON????
  10. i wasn't affected before the patch but now my save is corrupted... WTF???Playing on PC... nice job CM!!!!
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