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  1. Sharing the sentiments of Mazin really. Big thanks for organising this - was a lot of fun to be part of, and it's great to see Codies interacting with the league communities in this way! Well done to all the leagues who took part as well for making it a good championship, especially TRL who - speaking as AOR's admin - challenged us extremely hard until the very end. I didn't get to step out on track myself, as Noble and Matty are way too quick to not have racing haha, but it was very enjoyable to follow the races each week through the streams, and I know many members of our community also
  2. I think enjoyment of co-op depends mostly on having a co-op partner that is of similar skill level to yourself, and also pick a car that won't make it too easy to outclass the AI (depending on how quick you are obviously). I'm doing a co-op series with Kptk92 on my Youtube channel where we start every race from the back of the grid to make it more of a challenge having to get through the whole field, which is actually pretty fun, especially as we're usually very close on pace as well.
  3. What I want most is for any classic tracks to be free, rather than DLC, so that they can be used in online leagues without having to make people buy extra content. Tracks like Magny-Cours and Old Hockenheim would be brilliant to see. Kinda miss driving Istanbul as well - loved that track!
  4. Happy to see the forums back - it's looking good! Nice to get that confirmed as well ;)
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