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  1. I've had some fantastic racing against the AI in project cars. They are the best AI I've seen in a long while. The problem I'm seeing at the moment in online racing are the people that are using Xbox controllers they are all over the place and ruining quite a few races because thay can't control the car. Needs to have something to separate the wheel from controllers.
  2. Just give the Formula One licence to slightlymad Studios job done.
  3. You want to see project cars through the oculus rift its Absolutely fantastic.  it's a dream come true, this game has to be the best racing simulator ever made. 
  4. Here's hoping. I have asked the question on here and Facebook but as usual cm can't be bothered to answer. 
  5. I've had project cars more or less from the start when there wasn't a lot of graphics around the circuits, some didn't have any at all. But now you can't fault it, it's the first racing game I've played where the AI actually fight back not just drop back after being overtaken, and when you're playing it with the oculus rift which makes you feel like you're actually sitting in the car, but that's hard to explain its something you've got to experience for yourself. I wouldn't buy any game that doesn't support oculus. The feeling you get from it when your racing is unbelievable. Can't see codema
  6. It's a bit daft trying to sell a game on steam that's got nothing worthwhile left in it. No career = no sale
  7. project cars i've been playing project cars for years and it turned out to be the best racing game I have seen or played. All you have seen from F1 2015 is a few photo shopped images, and a couple of reviews from people that don't even play racing games. Project cars as everything put into it. F1 2015 as everything taken out.  I've already invested in project cars I did that when it first came out because they actually asked the public what they wanted in the game and as far as I know it's all been put in. A lot of us asked for oculus rift support and they even found time to do that. and
  8. No surprise to me. They've taken out everything else they put in to the game so why not take out career mode as well. Just about everything that we want in the game they've taken out. And they say they listen to us to be honest I don't think they know anything about Formula One games any more. They started off with a pretty good game to build on in 2010 and now there's nothing of interest to keep anyone playing for long no matter what it looks like. And if they think they're anywhere near project cars standards they are a bigger joke than I thought.
  9. http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/04/f1-2015-preview-roundup/
  10. i use to get good results with stereophonic 3D on F1 2013 using tridef 3D
  11. can you say whether it will have oculus rift support? all the other racing games are supporting it and they look and feel amazing.  you can even get out of the car and look around in pcars. https://youtu.be/LlhQ4JB-Qmk
  12. After playing project cars using the oculus rift I can't see me playing any racing game any other way, it's just mind blowing.  So if it hasn't got dk2 support I won't  be getting it.
  13. That's all well and good, but you've taken so many things out of the game its become just as boring as Real F1 We wont the classics back in.  We wont it simulation not arcade.  And we wont online racing that is just as good as iracing, we wont dedicated servers so we can control the idiots.  And out of all 4 suggestions going back to 2010 only one has been put into the game unfortunately the following year it was taken back out. Lol
  14. This forum gets more confusing. Hatta says one thing Paul jeal say something else. You need to organize yourselves.
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