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  1. Toilet paper, a pack of gums (Juicy Fruit), a bottle of water and some firecrackers.
  2. 76 Chevrolet Impala, hardtop in black, got it as a birthday gift when i turned 16 over 10 years ago, it had already 200k kilometers on its belt at that time and was the main car of my grandparents. 
  3. @UP100 >I don't understand how you can call developing random pieces of software for other games Codies' job. More detailed telemetry "ingame" has been requested for ages, but we never got it, no, hobby modders / indie devs / smaller companies etc. are building third party programs / apps that do the job that should have been in the main game from day one. So on one hand we can be really grateful to the third party devs and fully support them but on the other hand Codemasters do indeed deserve the scrutiny they're getting for more or less being at a "stagnant" level in terms of actual "
  4. Thx for doing Codies job for free..... Will download this app for sure! :)
  5. @UP100 "...You really had to revive this..." Yes. ;)
  6. God i miss the good ol' days where most of us still had hope, sadly the meta didn't change and Codies practically stagnated in creativity and officiality imho..... :(
  7. Awesome app there mate, it's well structured, works perfectly fine and looks absolutely amazing! Ever considered to work for Codies and or for any other big gaming company? -------------------- *To be honest these type of telemetry overlays and or detailed info should already be in the game in the first place, so the fact that external individuals need to program such a app in order to get the officiality and correct info is just ridiculous.....
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