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  1. It’s basically then going out and trying to put some grip into the tyres to be used at the end of the session.
  2. I see your point but actually they do get penalties. The most recent incident I can think of was Baku when seb got that 10 second penalty. Also the game doesn’t have that overseeing option of an active race director to judge who is at fault
  3. I do agree with your idea but I’m not sure whether the drivers have the option of that. Plus, if you got a penalty in the last 3 laps it would be classed as a time penalty at the completion of the race
  4. You should report each instance using they might be able help more if you complete them and provide lots of detail
  5. @BarryBL can we close this off. It’s been raised 3 times for the same issue
  6. You will have to redo them as I don’t believe it is possible to recover them
  7. I started on controller so I know the pain very well.
  8. Austria is surprising. Any particular reason why
  9. Monaco with a wheel in a overpowered and under developed aero and chassis is worse
  10. Spain and Bahrain are my least favourites. Bahrain is usually turn 10 and 12 and Spain just the whole track
  11. I thought I would put a list of things I want to see in the next game: Career Mode - I would like it if you can add some sort of manufacture challenges that if you meet, can give rewards like bonus r&d point or faster spec upgrades My Team - Having randomised r&d charts for each team so everyone is working on different parts - making the rewards less. E.g you can only get 1 discount per part rather than 4 like I had in one career mode - it’s a long shot but a F2 my team where you can earn severely reduced amounts of r&d points but can carry these to a
  12. He hasn’t on mine. Whether he will or not is yet to be decided
  13. Definitely agree with you there. People just need to be nice to staff and they will look into things. I can’t understand why people give so much hate
  14. I can share with you some setups I use and let me know how you feel with them
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