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  1. cpayne32

    More tiers on Podium Pass

    I agree although I’ve got to the point now where I’ve got nothing to earn, I can’t gain extra levels so just ignoring the challenges now.
  2. cpayne32

    More tiers on Podium Pass

    I fell that it’s too easy to get to the max level as I’m already there. I feel that the amount of XP needs to be decreased a bit (getting 1 level in a 50% race in my team) or more levels need to be added. Also, maybe some of the rewards could be spaced out so rather than getting a reward every 2 tiers it could be increased to 1 reward every 4 tiers with an extra reward for the VIP pass.
  3. 1. When doing a race in either driver career or my team, when asking Jeff about current position in the championship, Jeff will always say you’re 22nd in the championship when I know I’m in a different position before entering 2. PlayStation 3. 1.03 4. My team and Driver Career 5. Tried in 5 separate races on driver career mode and 10 times during my team 6. Tried restarting the game, not accessing the message for 1 race 7. Thrustmaster T300RS with F1 addon wheel
  4. cpayne32

    F1 2020 - Overtake button

    The green bar is what you can use in a lap. It goes down slightly if you don’t use it. I e done a lot of laps around Austria and if I go full use in a race I get half way down the second straight before I switch off otherwise I get the red bar
  5. cpayne32

    F1 2020 - Overtake button

    It is probably you have used too much in a lap.
  6. cpayne32

    Beta follow on

    They don’t carry over. Would be unfair on everyone else
  7. cpayne32

    Upgrade to deluxe edition for beta?

    When everyone applied for the beta it was stated that we get no financial gain or gifts.
  8. I like the idea but if I have a safety rating of A then I don’t want to be racing against c or d ranks.
  9. cpayne32


    @BarryBL you might want to work your magic on some of these comments. As a message to all, please be civil with your discussions. What started out as people reacting to Mercedes’ new livery turned sour very quickly. This isn’t me blocking the issue but this just isn’t the place for these kinds of discussions.
  10. cpayne32

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Yes this post isn’t part of the beta forum
  11. cpayne32


    @BarryBLhope this isn’t you 😂😂😂. Just feel sorry for you all with all these changes last second.
  12. cpayne32

    Learning to drive with all Assists off

    I would agree with Hungary or japan. Austria can also be difficult with turns 1 & 3. It might also be interesting to see how difficult Hanoi and Zandvoort are.
  13. cpayne32

    What’s your strategy going to be

    It depends what I think is achievable. The first season or 2 I’m going to play safe but from season 3 I will go for the bigger sponsors
  14. cpayne32

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Codes have already been distributed. If you haven’t received one then you have been unsuccessful
  15. cpayne32

    New Williams livery F1 2020

    I’m just glad someone knew the car I was talking about