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  1. Figured it out so can close this topic
  2. Does that count towards the screenshot challenge?
  3. I think I’m being dumb but I don’t see a button to take a photo in photo mode. Am I missing something obvious?
  4. Ah okay. So basically when you change gears (assuming you use manual), in the race it’s better to change early to reduce the level of revs. The higher you rev the engine before changing the gear, the more fuel you use. Another factor is how aggressive you are on the throttle because smooth acceleration will use less fuel than planting your foot to the floor. For the last few games, ive usually filled with 1 lap of extra fuel but from the experience I’ve had so far, I am now only putting 0.4 laps of extra fuel and I finish with the same level and I use no assists
  5. The only thing I can think of is major over revving of the engine
  6. I agree with the above. If you’re doing qualifying style laps every lap then that’s understandable as to why you would run out. From what I’ve seen I think fuel management is less important now we can’t use rich mix
  7. Cool. I will get this setup and we can sort the minor details tomorrow
  8. That sounds good to me. Want to to coop or contract mode
  9. I’m in the uk myself so that’s perfect. I will be free around 4:30pm if that’s good with you
  10. I can do it. I will add you on PSN. Let me know what time zone you are in and we can set something up
  11. I prefer the kerbs as they are. In a way it helps improve me as a driver
  12. The deluxe edition launches tomorrow so it should be available then
  13. I see what you’re mean but we will have to see if you can do that next week
  14. A change in the regulations has seen a standardised tyre allocation being brought in for 2021, with drivers – “unless otherwise determined by the FIA and with the agreement of [Pirelli]” – set to receive: two sets of hard tyres, three sets of mediums and eight sets of softs per race weekend. Meanwhile, the current period for teams to be notified of which tyre compounds will be available for which race – nine weeks for European events, 15 for non-European ones – has been slashed dramatically to just two weeks for any event. This will help to avoid issues if Covid rears its head and causes
  15. It’s matching what happens in the real world. It’s also why rich mix is gone as well
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