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  1. TheIceman022

    F1 2019 Driver Transfers Voting Poll

    I think it´s to much in general. seeing so many driver swaps every season and especially mid season is unrealistic. Also I kinda messed around and one result of it ws Russel being in a Ferrari as a team mate of Leclerc. While Leclerc managed to qualify in the Top 3 like every race and also finished up there Russel always qualifyed down in P15 just managing to climb up into P8 most of the time even though Ferrari had the 2nd best car. Imo Russel shouldn´t be that slow so they need on AI pace between drivers imo
  2. TheIceman022

    AI not fighting each other

    Nah not really. 1.04 was much better and those trains only happened in 2018 when a driver with wing damage chose to stay out. during a race they are much better in previous games than what they are now with 1.05
  3. TheIceman022

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    I want them to keep them but they surely have to put some more work into it. They should make sense and one or two driver transfers at the end of the season should be enough. I mean while I get it from a game point of view they have to make it so rapid in terms of changes and car development so people who only play 2 or 3 seasons also have something from the feature. So the best way, as always, would be an option for them to happen, not happen or just happen sometimes. Same for car R and D
  4. TheIceman022

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    Maybe it is but im personally not willing to find out. I just hope they will fix it as soon as possible. Maybe even go back to 1.04 AI until it´s fixed as wet races are kinda rare and we still can increase the difficulty if is going to be a wet race. Not ideal but much better than what we have now.
  5. TheIceman022

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    Yea what you describe is what I´ve seen in F2 and in those quick races too. I think if I re install it it will automatically download to 1.05 via steam (bought it there via key) or I gotta play 2018 till 2019 is finally pacthed. Hardly annoying really but thats how it is with codemasters for years now. I should have known better really.
  6. TheIceman022

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    I only played career mode since 1.05 (have read about the issues, yes). I only did a 25% F2 season before with some 50% races and a few 5 lap and 25% races in Grand Prix mode. So while I don´t have a huge comparison bewteen 1.04 and 1.05 I also think it came with the patch. AI difficulty is 98 in both. I used to play 98 - 101 in 2018 but I really struggle on 100 in 2019 and 98 seemed fine. Made me qualify 18th in Bahrain and made me finish where you would expect in grand prix mode. The race though as you can see 2 big trains, no overtakes niether AI v AI nor AI v Player. 2018 has as it stands right now the better AI. Defo not the fact pre 1.05 from what I experienced in the 25% races.
  7. TheIceman022

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    I actually just red did this race in F1 2018 just to see the differences. Same car, same track, same AI difficulty, same strategy. Lap 11 https://imgur.com/a/0B4zQoU Lap 21 https://imgur.com/a/8Ke8tvC Results https://imgur.com/a/3GEc4s5 As you can see: No trains, nobody got screwed over by strategy no nothing. I was as quick as Leclerc the whole race and had a great battle for 29 laps. Then in the end Grosjean caught us on softs while we caught Vandoorne at the same time. Side by side through corners, mostly fair. Sure the AI in 2018 doesn´t block as good as in 2019 buit if you race them fair then it´s much more fun than in 2019 right now. And if some might think now "Well go back to 2018 then if you enjoy it more" I will. Definelty after Melbourne and Bahrain in 2019 in comparison to Bahrain in 2018 which I just did. It´s just hardly annoying that I paid another 26€ (imagine paying 50 or even 70€ for this) just so I keep playing a game that I already have because it´s (on track) a more enjoyable experience than the new game that was "2 years under development" it´s a shame.
  8. The AI. They form trains and can´t manage to overtake and 50% races still screw the Top 10 over. I mean look at this. Lap 11 https://imgur.com/a/tnxepVi Lap 21 https://imgur.com/a/PNOZn7T Results https://imgur.com/a/TbOCxPt This P8 doesn´t feel rewarding at all as there was no one to actually fight me except of Ricciardo and as the AI still is so easy to outplay it was just.. boring really. No side by side action, no divebombs nothing. He even backed out when he was next to me in turn one. Also I feel like slipstream and DRS are weaker for the AI than for the player. If I´m 1 sec away from Sainz on the main straight I still catch him before the end, if he´s about 6 tenths behind me he doesnt manage to come close me.
  9. TheIceman022

    AI not fighting each other

    Yea I also had that problem thatI had literally 3 trains of cars on track. Really annoying
  10. TheIceman022

    1.05 AI is a joke

    I knew something was odd when I played my first career rcae today compared to the few quick races before 1.05 but I thought this would have been a one off thng. good to know they actually messed it up again
  11. TheIceman022

    Trophies don´t really work

    I like the new trophy room thing but it seems to be a little buggym still. I didn´t attemp the race event in austria and still got the best trophy and 1500 points for scoring zero points and finishing it in P3782. Now I finished the 2018 F2 season in second place and got a trophy that says I´ve won it. It also says "2019 Winner" on that trophy.
  12. TheIceman022

    F2 Championship Mode -Bug DNF AI cars

    Oh okay didn't know this ^^
  13. TheIceman022

    F2 Championship Mode -Bug DNF AI cars

    I´ve almost finished a whole Formula 2 Championship with Artem Markelov and over the course of the season it was quiet obvious that the drivers who had mechanical failures (which made them slower) and drivers who had DNFs in the main race also experienced those in the sprint race. What I mean is if Norris DNFs in the main race he most likely DNFs in the sprint race. One example is my russian event which I just finished. Deletraz had mechanical issues in both races and Mehri and Fuoco DNF in both races. It´s not a huge thing but it takes away some realism and excitment when you start the sprint race and you just wait for the guy who previously had issues to get some again.