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  1. It´s not a secret that there are different versions of the game for some "special" people. We´ve seen this with F1 2019 in the "Not the GP" and the "Virtual GP" series earlier this year. People like Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon, George Russel, Lando Norris, Tiametmarduk and whoever else was featured got a verison that already had "aramco" adverstisment in the game as well as "0.0% Alcohol" ads. Tiametmarduk even got a version that featured his own helmet design so he was able to play online without the issues of having a mod installed. As much as I personally wanted said advertisment I could still live without it of course. However today I gave the F1 esports series an other try and I saw that the canada race was set to about 35% race lenght. I personally would love to have a 35% race distance as for me 50% races are just too long to complete a full season (which I´d like to do so 16 race seasons aren´t an option for me) while 25 % races are just too short to have a real race. I believe 35% races would be the golden spot for me and I gotta say the fact that I, as a paying customer, am not allowed or able to get a version of the game which obviously exists and is used by other people is a real shame and quiet unfair. So I´d kindly ask you to patch 35% race lenght, as well as any other feature that the esport version has, that didnt make it in the "public version" of the game into said public version. As I said the feature already exists and it seems to work without issues also in terms of things like tire wear, fuel usage and so on so it shouldn´t be a problem to patch it into our version of the game as well. Thank you.
  2. TheIceman022

    Sponsors on Helmets (possible solution?)

    Ive just seen a video where Lee Mather said we will have our team logo on our helmet in "My Team" but he didn´t mention the fake sponsors on it so I imagine they only stick to the car. The strict restrictions that Schorchi mentioned probably wouldn´t allow that in normal career mode anyway. I don´t think Mercedes would allow an other fuel company on the helmlet other than Petronas even if it´s just fictional. For "My Team" I don´t see an issue there for the fictional sponsors on the helmet tho
  3. TheIceman022

    Sponsors on Helmets (possible solution?)

    Yea I´ve read that but I believe the Teams have to stick to those restrictions as well so if Codemasters designs those sponsor layers just like they are in real life then there shouldn´t be a n issue with that., It could get difficult if the sponsors have a word in the helmet color in general as BWT wants pink helmets i blieve. But that would be doable as well in only allowing the player to color the helmet in a pink / purple sheme and if he doesn´t like that he can disable helmet sponsors entirely
  4. So I was thinking about how we could get sponsors on helmets and I came up with following idea: So basically Codemasters reworks every single helmet design and adds a "Sponsor layer" on top of it that looks like the real ones design wise (e.g. Monster Energy stripe for Mercedes) and suits the helmet design as well. Now if you join Mercedes the game will add the "Mercedes Sponsor" layer onto the helmet. If you decide to leave them for Ferrari the game automatically removes that layer and adds the "Ferrari Sponsor" layer to the helmet. Now if you drive the multiplayer or classic cars it simply removes the layer entirely and the helmets look like they do in F1 2019, so completely sponsorless. That way you only have the official team sponsors on your helmet and you can´t mix anything up (e.g. Red Bull logos on the helmet while driving at Williams) and it would kind of work like the race suits and caps in career mode that also lack any bit of personal details like name, number or personal sponsors. I belive that should be a possible solution that the sponsors might agree on if codemasters is ready to put the effort into it and rework the helmets.