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  1. I know that. Can't speak for other's but most of us "don't shoot the messenger" for asking 😉
  2. Welcome to the current world of cancel culture where saying your thoughts & thinking (hang on) outside the box gets ridiculed. In all honestly don't think anybody should see it as a problem to demand things especially within a group most of the time it's the only way to get heard. It's how far individuals push those said demands (name calling, violence, spam posting the exact same message etc) that can make it unreasonable. It's not our problem to judge on codemasters behalf of what's possible. Time in itself will tell.
  3. I played Grid Autosport yesterday which has the Istanbul Park circuit was released in 2014. The problem is that game is running on ego3, F1 2021 will be running on ego4 it's up to codemasters to make the modifications to port it over if it's possible. GRID Autosport 2017 04 16 turkey - YouTube
  4. I agree that weather dynamic is difficult it has been done before with localized weather on F1 2012 Paul Jeal explained it at the time problem is it's on the last gen engine. Not the current one right now.
  5. Until it's confirmed by codemasters this is just speculative information or fake news for the time being.
  6. If codemasters actually started to offer tracks beyond the calender to begin with. (yes I know so called licensing issues blah blah blah) There job would be a lot easier of including replaced tracks last minute.
  7. 11. Better options for the MFD display like asking if your car has any specific damage, or asking if the cars around you have damage or if they have pitted or their potential pit window, or asking for the speed trap info stuff like that, would also be cool if you could flick through this on the displays on the wheels themselves in cockpit view. Depends on the damage model. Codemasters will have feedback to which modes are used (at least in online sessions). Most people turn damage to OFF or REDUCED. Really? Can you back that up with some evidence? It's safe to say that any
  8. Totally agree with all of your points the only thing I'd like to see with your suggestions would be different number fonts to choose from with your race number for example: Abadi MT Condensed Light Albertus Extra Bold Albertus Medium Antique Olive Arial Arial Black Arial MT Arial Narrow Bazooka Book Antiqua Bookman Old Style Boulder Calisto MT Calligrapher Century Gothic Century Schoolbook Cezanne CG Omega CG Times Charlesworth Chaucer Clarendon Condensed Comic Sans MS Copperplate Gothic Bold Copperplate Gothic Light Cornerstone Coronet Courier Courier New Cu
  9. This may sound like a stupid question but what is the main VR headset for xbox? I don't see Microsoft releasing one anytime soon as they should. If xbox had a headset though a third party that is popular maybe codemasters might take the plunge and actually bring VR to an F1 game. Playstation already have VR covered as far as I know
  10. Zoomer I have to remember that. Change of subject Would JB (Jenson Button) or Nando (Fernando Alonso) not fall into this equation of legendary drivers?
  11. Any news on the classic cars been retained for 2021?
  12. You should count the days waiting for the game to be playable with continuous issues after release whilst waiting for a fix.
  13. £74.99 and we don't get Mugello Eifel Istanbul it's still early but if we hear no more information of what else is in the game I might just wait for a price drop as it's steep to say the least. More than likely the multiplayer might actually work by then.
  14. Chromatic

    F1 2021 game

    Because it codemasters it's almost guaranteed and safe to assume, what features they may have. They'll still cut corners with unfinished games up to day one. To cash in on the hype.
  15. Chromatic

    F1 2021 game

    Same here I am hoping the covid circuits will feature as technically speaking there part of last years calender. And they didn't have time last year. Based on codemasters reputation on fixing bugs in my opinion think it's better to wait for a price drop.
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