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  1. Agreed the same could be said for the damage model. I feel it's not the same than what was mentioned in the beta.
  2. To be fair I get the impression your using excuses to deflect for the lack of preparedness on codemasters behalf. Either they hire & train more workers to to meet last minute additions/changes or you outsource staff or run the risk of NDA breaches to get the task done within the timescale. That's how companies work. Neither is been met. As every variable is been spread too thin. And that's their fault for not planning ahead since circuits were announced last year. "Resources have to be bought and paid for, would you rather put the track design out to tender each time there's a new one
  3. "You can't have it both ways. Plenty are being critical here because the tracks are not in the game at launch." I understand although that's Codemasters fault for not thinking about adding bonus circuits recently raced on. Modern circuits outside the calender or not usually part of the calender. Getting the ball rolling Updated: 2020 Formula 1 calendar – new ultra-fast layout to be used in Bahrain | GRR (goodwood.com) in September after the tracks were announced. They assumed the original calender would pick up again in 2021. The current tracks on the calender don't get updated anyway. If
  4. Depends on the demographics. Plus if the game had to be delayed for that reason September/October can't say I wouldn't mind. If my team where to have the braking point circuits I reckon it's an ideal addition. I don't have the game so I wouldn't know if is in my team already. Braking point (excluding the circuits) itself works fine as a feature outside career mode. "Legalities cost money, every variation of anything will need legal people to look it over and that is budget, plain and simple" I am aware it can be costly or cost effective given the situation spend money to make money.
  5. He think he means shanghai only being available for breaking point maybe?
  6. It's getting obvious how unprepared codemasters are to a changing calender. To combat this I think the time has come to start including tracks outside the calender for that year. Former circuit's so they are better prepared for such a scenario. It would strike well with fans to have circuits as part of a deluxe edition or post launch DLC. I do know licensing plays a part how much I don't know. However I fear at times licensing is used as an excuse or a ploy to back out of such an endeavour.
  7. Wow scrolling through the comments there's a lot of ageist people here. Perhaps some of you would look this old if you were pushing 5-7 times the amount of G forces to normal gravity. I mean if you still have the ability why not continue to participate? But hey who I am to judge criticize on. Everybody has to look like supermodels these days.
  8. Couldn't agree more especially with the series X part. I think what's clear now is they don't have enough personal to build/fix/create/finalize content in enough time before or after release.
  9. I can't help but think if they worked with part of the team. Beginning the build of these tracks as they were announced last year the majority of them would be complete by now. Apart from Jeddah. That's hindsight for you. All I can say it's not going to look good having Istanbul two years in a row (if it goes ahead) without it being featured in the game. Covid or no covid.
  10. A good start for a better multiplayer would be to have a better kicking to start with admin controls. A system to get rid of these players in the game. Sure it would be bad in a way similar to the badmin's of battlefield 3 depending on the lobby. However it would be effective in weeding out the trouble makers who want to destroy the majority of people who just want to race regardless of position.
  11. Wasn't it called Nifty fifty? I remember it well. It was hard. Mainly because at the time it was 50.000 points needed between each level after level 40 😮 Level 50 was one million I think.
  12. Could I suggest they play and look at the previous titles have released on Xbox 360? Like F1 2010 f1 2012 f1 2013? The bread and butter of career mode is on there. Might give the team helpfull hints on where inspiration for ideas old and new could go next. They might enjoy it too. Pre-season testing could be made more interesting for development points in my team so for example depending on how many laps in testing you do around Barcelona/Bahrain the more points you get. Similar to teams in real life gathering data in testing.
  13. It's ok. Nothing special. The two player career and a few others might be a challenge If they added a few extra's Tyre preserver: Preserve your tyres during a race on a one stop strategy Expert: Complete a 100% race on Expert AI and finish on the podium. Spinner: complete five spins in two laps in a Haas
  14. Grid Autosport has the Istanbul Park circuit which released in 2014. The problem is that game is running on ego3, F1 2021 will be running on ego4 for codemasters to make the modifications to port it over with added F1 asses if it's possible? if it's not? I don't know. GRID Autosport 2017 04 16 turkey - YouTube
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