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  1. Chromatic

    podium pass

    Your probably right on that front their given something and said here, the assets for this year make a game from it. They should make more of an effort with what they want in the game. It's not like anybody else is jumping at the chance of making a licensed Formula 1 game. With extra circuits beyond the calender, better atmosphere of the sport. (upgrade tree renovated weather & better damage system) However the "budget" they receive each year, has a part of it's own to play. Would be nice to see a bit of creativity to the gameplay elements as I'm sure the dev's are F1 fans and want to plac
  2. It will have an EA logo on the box so I honestly don't hold out much hope. Perhaps online matchmaking servers from EA for the first time? Instead of P2P.
  3. From what I've seen on the 2022 reg's the FOM allow different car variations. Does that mean the aero parts are interchangeable? If so and as @BarryBL has said before on another thread the cars have to match the official F1 teams in the sport which is ok. However does it mean this rule change open's up the possibility of different changeable aero parts on the MY TEAM car for 2022? or perhaps different car designs from which the player can select on the my team car at least in future titles as the FOM are allowing it?
  4. F1 2012 for the weather system F1 2013 as it was the most complete content filled game to date F1 2020 it has the Jordan 191 and Vietnam I thought it was ok.
  5. You heard the man he said it here first. Now codies now start building the belated christmas dlc. "Turkey"
  6. F1 05 or 06 season game would be a good start. Better still a game from 2005 to 2010 so finally I can play those seasons 07 08 09 that have been left out by F1 games in general.
  7. Probably has something to do with the country your in. It shows options of 30% and 75% as an option for race distances within the F1 2010 game.
  8. I mentioned something similar a while back with 75% race distances. 75% race distance - F1 Chat - Codemasters Community Yet I was ignored. Hopefully they start taking notice what people are asking for.
  9. The game has had same problems for years. Covid exacerbated the situation however it remains the same. It's the main reason why some call it F1 2015v6. I'm sure however version 7 will be a great improvement since EA has "their" control over it. A complete disaster, similar not exactly like Battlefield 2042. Playing it on release online?? good luck with that. Instead after you bought the game you'll need to wait. After you've parted with your money until they say it's ok to patch superduper skins and microtransactions, while leaving the game in a semi playable state. An assumption ba
  10. DLC circuits outside the main calendar Different number fonts for my team car Better weather system localized as was with F1 2012 More people at the helm to address development and bug problems with each yearly F1 release The return of red flags F2 my team career mode before you reach F1
  11. Chromatic

    F2 2021

    In the future would be better if they up the player count in a lobby to 22 racers in F2 with two spectators would make your situation more ideal. Plus the added bonus of racing MY team cars with the official F1 cars in custom lobbies online at the host discretion with an on-off setting. As another suggestion if it's alright @BarryBL please add my team to F2 career at the start where you have to earn funds through sponsors to have enough to move into Formula 1.
  12. Chromatic

    F2 2021

    Agreed. Maximum profit minimum effort. Just look at the Battlefield game. They, dice only took notice when a blacklash takes place. EA being EA the same will happen to codemasters or they will shut codemasters down years down the line. So anybody pre-orders F1 2022 with the bugs £60-£90 next year might as well paint there face like a clown. As basically your allowing yourself to get conned.
  13. Perhaps circuits beyond the calendar should have been an option from the beginning eh. A track team separate from the group. To have time do deal with such things. As my sister always says it is what it is.
  14. Qatar seems nice I like sandy tracks and the world cup
  15. What's the story with the 2021 F2 cars? I assume they will be added with a specific track something similar to what people eat on christmas day. With their veg a large bird from north america.
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