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    New View, New Challenges, and New Enthusiasm

    Might try it as well for myself. Out of curiosity is your real name Marty K? my name is marty k as well.
  2. Chromatic

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    Yes @Faya fix the safety car please it will NOT DEPLOY ONLINE problem's with VSC & SC working efficiently.
  3. Chromatic

    New View, New Challenges, and New Enthusiasm

    @Faya how does it feel to have more safety cars deploy in real-life than in your games? Four safety cars in one race. yet three games later some people cant get one in a whole season and still nothing is mentioned about a fix. Disgrace
  4. Chromatic

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I suppose in some way's you could say this has been a problem ever since the new game engine was created in F1 2015 at a stretch. I hope to Christ we don't have to go through this **** again in 2020 when the next gen consoles are released. (PS5 Project scarlett) We can't go years with no safety car working it's a critical part of the game
  5. Chromatic


    In the old days the idiots were in short supply now they seem to think it's funny to ruin their own and other people's races while wasting there own time in the process. There are no higher in the pecking order than a wild chimpanzee ON CRACK COCAINE sniffing ralgex. Ban hammer would be a good idea problem lies on how best to bring such a system at the same time stopping others from abusing it. Battlefield 3 is one good example of that with the Badmin saga
  6. Chromatic

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I agree 2016 it worked perfectly but every since they changed it for 2017 they obvious havn't touched it since absolute joke. I've seen more safety cars in real F1 more times compared to the game. This makes the game less realistic with less immersion. @Faya
  7. Chromatic

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    Listen to there fans actually give us something new like a grand prix start from the pitlane for adjustments to your front wing etc puncture. Cool down lap Classic track or tracks F1 2012 weather system half track wet the other half dry based on sector points to make races interesting Bring back some features from the xbox 360 ps3 games you forgot to include in this generation of consoles
  8. All of the classic 2018 cars are retained with new ones added from what @faya has said.
  9. Love it could you now please add a Jordan 191 from 1991 with schumacher to make it a three way rivalry please? The German's and Irish would like that a lot
  10. I really like the Old Hockenheim but I wouldn't mind Donington or Adelaide before Melbourne circuit took over
  11. Chromatic


    I'm guessing they will say something in the build up to a race weekend (makes sense) to generate excitement.
  12. Chromatic


    ^This I'm sure 2011 & 2012 had this but since then or should I say since we moved to PS4 & Xbox 1. No effort has been made to give the track marbles off the racing line or a drying line after a shower to give people a chance to take gambles on pitstops.
  13. Chromatic


    Couldn't agree with you more. I'm fed up getting my hopes up for a game only for a few patches. Then the post release inevitable ignore, silence, repeat, we have to put up with each year. I'm quietly optimistic for the game. I'd only buy day 1 though if something big comes out like classic tracks.
  14. Chromatic

    F1 2019 wishlist

    Jordan 191 the car that gave Schumacher his debut and the 199 in the 1999 season which was a genuine championship contender
  15. Chromatic

    F1 2019 wishlist

    Race starts from the pitlane if you break perc freme and change wings and tyre pressures. NO other part of the set up apart from those in after qualification while on the grid.
  16. Chromatic

    F1 2019 and VR...lets speculate

    It wont happen unfortunely they can't even get the game working properly as well as patches that fix one thing yet break another. Personally I'd wait for dirt 2.0 VR in the summer that might give an insight into what VR might be like in future F1 games
  17. Chromatic

    F1 2013 soundtrack list

    Hi I need help with trying to find the soundtrack list to F1 2013. I've been looking for a while but lately it's been bugging me I can't find a list to for these song's could anybody help me with this list??    
  18. I've played online session's on F1 for a long time but I've noticed the connection to their servers have been worse than before. I'm running a 70meg internet connection (Wired) most of the time I refresh my router and test my connection, but still the same. Is there any way they could bring back the server in france they had in 2010?? I am the host of a session and send invite's to other people with similar connection and it's still the same   
  19. Chromatic

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    See, we've got nearly all of this now and people are still moaning ;)  Some of us here would be happy for the game to function properly
  20. Chromatic

    Formula 1 TV Coverage Thread

    I hope Eddie does go to C4 he does say some weird things but his predictions about the future are absolutely spot on.
  21. Chromatic

    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    Thanks for letting me know is there a list somewhere of cars in the game? @Porkhammer :)
  22. Chromatic

    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    Hi I want to ask a quick one about cars in dirt rally. The game is coming out for consoles next year. What I want to know is, will the Ford Puma and Transit as well as the Ferrari 288 GTO and Citroen Group B BX will be in the game? 
  23. Chromatic

    The Game Thread!

    Any of you guy's looking forward to the new Need for Speed Is looks good and some bits of it remind me of  Need for speed Carbon 
  24. Chromatic

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    Not to change the subject here but I have a question for @Literalzero what's the story on the multiplayer situation. The online lobbies are they to be sixteen as we've seen in the past or are we going to see 20 man lobby in the future can somebody answer this please?   
  25. Tweaks need to be made to the set up of the session (Custom GP) before you even start racing. You should have extra options to play around with, restrict to auto like you can do with manual gear's,(Restrict to manual) restrict abs on or off, pit assist, the same with traction and so on.....